How to Save image from Android Browser


Follow the simple guide below to know how to Save images from the browser on Android.

How to Save image from Android Browser

Most of andorid users browse the internet a lot on their Android devices. While browsing on andorid you may find many interesting images you want to keep.

Here is a simple tip to save the image on your phone while you are browsing Internet. If you like a picture simply long press (tap and hold) on it, a menu will pops up where you can see the option to save the image or even share if you want. If the image is linked to other page or website you probably get option to visit them also.

This is really a cool feature to be able to download images from your favourite websites. Once you have done saving images you can find them in Gallery app in All Downloads Album. Alternatively you can pull down the notification screen where you will see a notification showing an image has been downloaded.

You can set the image as Wallpaper from gallery app. So this is an easy way to have some nice wallpaper for your Android Smartphone or tablet.

  • Raven

    Thank you. That worked.

  • ipconfigearth

    I just got a s4 and in apps like facebook and instagram I am not able to save the images….

  • pare

    I’ve done that but it’s always download fail..worst I can’t even save the picture coz the save pic word is in color gray