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Samsung TV Remote Smart Touch Android

Samsung’s Smart Touch Android remote application is now finally available to Download from Andorid Market. The Samsung TV Remote app has been realesed on iOS before 9 months. This Smart Touch application is Wi-Fi remote control of Samsung Internet@TV for 2010. If both your phone and TV were connected to the same access point, your phone is linked with TV automatically and you can use your phone like general remote.
– Models supported
All SAMSUNG TVs working Internet@TV 2010 (Model code’C’) e.g. U E 5 5 C 6 5 0 0, L N 4 6 C 6 5 0
LED 6500 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with ‘U’)
LCD 650 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with ‘L’)
PDP 6500 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with ‘P’)

Download Samsung TV Remote app for Andoird     Screenshot of Samsung TV Remote Smart Touch andorid

How to use Samsung TV Remote:
– Make sure “Wireless Remote Control” listed under “Setup” of TV “Menu” is on.
– If “Wireless Remote Control” cannot be found, the Remote function is not available.
– Connect the TV LAN port to the Wireless Router using a Cat-5 cable or Connect the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter to the TV USB port.
– Connect your phone to the Wireless Router.
This application is for Samsung Mobile Phone. In case of using Tab, Please find different App named “Samsung TV Remote-Tab”

Samsung TV Remote was developed by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
Package name:
File size: 1.3MB

Download Samsung TV Remote Smart Touch Android Game v1.00
Samsung TV Remote Smart Touch Android apk

Samsung TV Remote Smart Touch is a Free Android App. Download Samsung TV Remote Smart Touch from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
  • Grumpy ol’ Man

    This works OK on my wireless system with a 46D7000U TV and Galaxy S Wi-Fi player (included free with TV). Make sure both are connected to the internet. The TV can be connected either hard wired with CAT5 cable or wirelessly. The Galaxy S needs to be connected wirelessly – find the Wi-Fi settings by swiping the Galaxy screen from top to bottom to open the notifications screen and choose Wi-Fi, follow the instructions to connect it – you may need to enter your Wi-Fi security code. Check they are both connected OK. Download the App (apk) from the above site using the Galaxy S. When done run the App and follow the instructions — it does take about 30 seconds for the App to find the TV then that should be that.
    An’ another thing – One day someone will sell stuff with instructions written in proper English as it took me hours of trawling the internet to solve this problem. Trying to contact Samsung was a complete waste of time!! – rant over:)

  • Router

    I got yesterday D8805 and the included Galaxy S Wifi, but neither S wifi nor my Tab 7 can connect to TV.

    The TV is connected wireless to the router, could it be that it must be a wired connection between TV and router for Remote app to work? Other wireless connections are fine in the Tv and all devices are connected to the same router. Is there any way the make Wireless Remote work wireless?

  • Bjørnar

    he he he fungerer STRÅLENDE på min Huawei mobil 🙂 slår av tv’n når jeg er i garasjen. i allefall nr ikke kjærring hjelper til ute 🙂 heheh…..

  • Stinger

    Works fine on my Droid, not sure what all the complaining is about.

  • Zimon

    Why isnt this out for all mobile phones using android. they made one for iphone. anybody know if theres is any news about this subject.

  • Sharpa

    Somebody should crack this app in order to work on other phones

  • Peter

    Unfrickenbeliveable this is stupid not having it on any other phones, it doesn’t appear on my HTC Desire either.

  • Sharpa

    Verry huge fail!! with big letters H U G E.

  • Steve

    Won’t work on my rooted HTC desire with android 2.2 HD rom, it just fails to install the apk. Fail!!!

  • Chris

    Huge fail, this app only works on Samsung phones.

    • jase

      Installed it on Dell streak, works beautifully but would like to see it allowing to go into landscape to make use of wider virtual keyboard! And a virtual touchpad to make use of the cursor too! I would like to see those for the next update of this app!