Samsung Galaxy S overclocked to 1.6GHz, 3083 score in benchmark test

Samsung Galaxy S gets overclocked to 1.6GHz

Android Smartphone Over-locking race achieved a new record. A group of genius Developers (Team Whiskey) was seceded to got a stable overclock of 1.6 GHz, also been able to achieve 78.0FPS graphics play with unlocking Frame Cap. With this tweak the Hummingbird processor on Samsung will make your Android Experience fly. The Quadrant Benchmark test result shows an impressive score at 3083

Galaxy S 3083 score in benchmark test           Galaxy S 78 FPS graphics

Team Whiskey is currently working adding more mods and tweaks to get the things work on every version of Samsung Galaxy S but they can’t promise anything yet for Verizon’s Fascinate as haven’t any Fascinate handset to work with. Currently Samung Galaxy S Overlocking works along with One Click Lag Fix but the developers working to make an standalone version of Overlocking. As they said:

The 3k+ Quad was achieved by using the OCLF 2.2, with Deadline CPU Scheduler, and Hardcore CPU tweaks. Tonight I will be implementing a EXT 4 conversion, so OCLF wont be needed anymore.

Unfortunately there is no available version for end users, but The team states they will have a released candidate before waiting too long. So, stay tuned with us! Once we get our hands on the real deal we will let you know. source: phandroid