Samsung Galaxy S III running on Ubuntu Linux

Samsung Galaxy SIII can now run Ubuntu Linux

You may have have heard of project Ubuntu for Android. It aims at providing the Linux experience on Android phones without sacrificing the OS running in dual boot. The perspective is that you can use a cable and connect your android device to an HD TV or external monitor and enjoy the full Linux desktop experience with your smartphone. Now, a member of the XDA Developers community decided to make Ubuntu run on his Galaxy S III. Having succeeded he decided to share the method with others so they can also enjoy a desktop experience on their smartphone. The quad-core Samsung device is enough powerful to make it work quite good and the installation process is not that difficult. Of course you needed a rooted Galaxy S 3 and a custom ROM installed on it- OMEGA v4.0. Once the all the requirements are fulfilled the guide will walk through you to install and boot Ubuntu and with an MHL cable connect to an external display. Head over to the xda thread at source to find out the complete guide.

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