z4root android App is an Easy One Click and Painless Root solution for Android 2.2 devices.

f you own an Android smartphome then most likely the first question that came in mind was about rooting it. A drawback to this procedure is that often it is complicated, except for when it involves Nexus devices. Wondering if there is a way to root android without PC or any Computer? Yes there is.

Rooting your device can give you plenty of advantages. Let´s see how we can root an android without PC or computer.

How to root android without PC

Developed by XDA forum member RyanZA, z4root for Rooting Froyo Android 2.2. With a single button on z4root App you can easily Root Android 2.2 Devices. just install the z4root App.apk on your Android and use the Root Button.

z4root for Android now should work on all devices and allows to One Click Root Android without computer.

If you care about rooting your Android device then most likely you´ve looked for the simplest way to do it, without doing anything wrong. Each method revolves around one particular device but things are about to change in this regard. More and more 1 click root solutions being developed. A way to Rooting Android phone which doesn’t require a PC connection is probably the most convenient way to do it. z4root is the one, all you have to do is download and install the app, then enable your USB Debugging from Settings/Developer Options and you´re good to root.
Z4root has a single button to root your device. The developer states that it should work on ALL Android devices, though more testing required to reveal if this is true or not. So far the app managed to get some very good results and certain users that have gone and tested it posted feedback that it works.

Download z4root Apk for Easy Rooting Android:
z4root Apk

Also, for safety concerns the developer states that it is Should be 100% safe – nothing on disk changed besides the root binaries, so if something goes wrong, simply rebooting the device should fix up any and all issues. The app is currently only available on XDA Developers but it should be available on the Play Store soon enough.

For more info head over to xda.

  • Nikulsinh Rathod

    Hello, i am use z4root in my ibal andi5li android mobile but z4root is stoped working, and than can not root my mobile, so, how to root my mobile, i am also use superoneclick, onclickroot, unlock root, and binary4, but can not rooted my device, pleas help with working guideline. thank you

  • boomskii

    i downloaded the apk file from computer and no problem. But when i try to use it on my phone i am stuck up on attempting to access rooting etc. Is there any solutions for this?

  • heather

    I downloaded the Z4root app. But, my phone detected it as “high risk”! Why is that?

  • little one

    i downloaded the z4root and selected temporary root and it said that it was running exploit to obtain root access however this has been running for like 15 minutes with no progress. i have a Lg Revolution. how do i know if it is going to work or brick my phone. ( trying not to brick it)

  • prateek

    i have galaxy s captivate at&t but it does not run .apk files so how to run this app

  • Ian

    I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) running Android 2.2.1 and it didn’t work. It got to the point where it says Acquiring root… and stays there for a while, then it exits to the list of all the applications. I rebooted the phone, and tried it again. Same thing happens, I rebooted the phone. I tried it like 4 times, and nothing.

  • chris hoh

    i moved the file to my phone n run it.install blocked then i change to allow installation of non-market app.i run it again it work but after u pressed the ”root” button,it showed me USB debugging must be enabled~ anyone can help me?

    • remco

      go to settings > applications > development> tap the first entry wich says ENABLE usb debugging.

  • McCarol

    z4Root won’t load on my velocity cruz T301 that has 2.2.1 Android on it. I click install and it appears to start to install then it states not installed. Any workarounds?

  • Fab_Dan

    Is there a way to stop the Android Market from blocking this app? I have an Aria and successfully rooted it when I had Eclair, but the ATT released Froyo was a catch 22.

    Although I like Froyo I have, I believe in open development. I know that within the code there is a way to patch the app so that it gets an LVL (or something like that) that “tricks” the Android Market into thinking it was not side loaded. Is it possible to re-issue this app with the patch? Or am I better to just relfash the phone with CyanogenMod ROM and approaching the issue from there?

  • jessica

    Does not work with MyTouch Slide 3G running froyo 2.2. App attempts to apply root for about 10 minutes and then a force close error pops up and phone has severe lag until restarted. Any suggestions? Thanks


    I was downloading it from the PC and Panda antivirus warned me this was a trojan.

    Any comments?

  • Nicole

    For some reason, this does not work for the Huawei Ascend when it’s running Android 2.2

    Works fine on 2.1 however, which is vastly unfortunate.

  • it works on my Samsung Galaxy S.. thank you very much!!

  • Bradley

    Hi I’m am along time z4root user and superuser user but z4root does not work on htc devices!!!! So stop complaining that the app is useless or that doesn’t work if you have a htc phone and don’t asked questions on how to make it work if you have a htc phone. Htc has put a band lock onto all there phones so you can not root it!!

    • Ryele

      I am really new at this so forgive my stupidity…what is an HTC phone?? I have a droid x 2.3.3 and keep getting z4root has stopped …is my phone htc

  • Leslie

    i have downloaded and instaLLed it,, it restarted i dont know if i successfuLLy instaLLed it or not,, heLp me pLease,,

  • lloyd

    Not working in Galaxy Ace ..

  • ed

    I downloaded the app and I am getting an erro that says “parse error” Can anyone help me with this?

  • owais

    i am using samsung galaxy ace s-5830 i download this application and its installed, but when i ran this application its been hold attemting to install root i wait about 1hour but it doesnt do anything at all

  • Tiffany

    Hi, I am trying to root my Motorola spice using z4root. I tried 1.3.0 and it just closes while acquiring root. I tried 1.2.1 and i just says “attempting to apply root…” and nothing else happens. I have reinstalled z4 both versions multiple times, and rebooted the phone multiple times. If anyone has successfully rooted the Spice, please share a hint.
    Thanks so much.

  • John

    I reboot the phone multiple times and re-installed and booted and every combination of those I can think of….. It all ends in: “Z4Root has stopped unexpectedly.please try again” in the middle of acquiring root shell. I have LG Optimus M. others have done this before and I don’t understand why mine fails (without fail) every time…. sorry I had to throw that in there.

  • Rev

    Launched da “z4root” file den pressed da “root” button… Screen went blue 4 a couple of hours…lol
    Help plz plz plz…

  • ben 13

    any one no if it works on sony X8 v 2.1

  • ben 13

    will it work on x8 2.1 ??????

  • andrew

    I have a lg ally and when I start it and started to root my phone it just stays in the same window. What’s wrong with it

  • J’eph

    Hi all. I can see the superuser icon. I would like to enable my phone to see and connect to wireless adhoc networks. I’ve been told that i have to edit the WPA_SUPPLICANT file on my rooted device. I have no idea how to do that. Please help..

  • eric

    :just woundering does this work for the evo 4g

  • Constantinos

    hey i have htc desire hd 2.2 will it work?

  • Justin

    Hi, I just updated my SGS to the new DXJPB. z4root cannot root this version. Help?

  • optimus

    i just rooted my lg optimus one. i tried to install android market to it and i did. but after that i opened it and it came force close just like it used to come before rooting.

  • Neo

    Waited for about 10 minutes on X10 Android 2.1. It was just showing the busy sign. Used the “SuperOneClick” method instead – A piece of cake

  • turboneno

    It does not work on HTC wilfire, I’ve tried several times, it either force shuts down the Z4mode app or it restarts, but without the “super user” app on the app list.

  • Chris urianza

    Takes way too long! Optimas s

  • pmb6177

    what is advantages of me rooting???as my galaxy s bricked shortly after i rooted my first sgs now i have to buy another as it is void of warranty now,only asking as yes it made my sgs lag free(a LOT faster),let me d/load anything instead of market stuff.is that basically me ?is this why i root?

    • John

      No it allows you super user access to all system files. Android is a customized version of an OS called Linux which is derived from Unix. Mac was also derived from UNIX. Creating a user gives a GUI with limited privileges.
      In Linux, You have to log in to the root user or use a super user command before doing something in order to get past those restrictions. Rooting your Android is a way of enabling root user access or super user access. its not as secure but it is more flexible. I personally use Ubuntu Linux as 99% of it is free with no strings. And its hard for a NORMAL hacker to mess it up. Advanced Hackers are pretty bad news for any system though.

  • Bobby

    I just had my samsung vibrant rooted on 2.1 update1. and i just updated it to 2.2 and it erased my root… now im trying to root it again with this same program… it says attempting to apply root for quite a bit… last time on 2.1 it rooted first try in 20 seconds.

  • Nak3_x

    Installed on my Wildfire this morning. Didn’t work, though I tried three times !

  • Lydia

    Installed this on my SGS, Ive got the z4root and superuser icon but when i bring up the superuserit says ‘no apps in list’ can someone help please? I assume that by rooting a phone i can delete apps I dont use?

  • Nate

    TO all those saying that it’s stalling and never restarting:

    Yesterday I tried it, and got the “RUNNING EXPLOIT…” message for over 20 minutes. I figured it was stalled and that this root just didn’t work for my 2.2-Leak Captivate.

    I just retried it, but FIRST I went into Task Manager, shut down all apps and cleared all RAM. The z4root worked in 5 seconds. Obvs, something I was running was lagging the root. Try it and see if it works for you before giving up.

    • saintchefrodrez

      hey, I had the same problem, when I opened the app I found 2 options, 1 root temporary 2 root permanently, I choose 2, my Galaxy S, re-started automatically, and I found the app superuser, I got wireles tether from the blackmart.apk from 4shared. it seems that is working but when I try to find the wireles name from my computer it does not appear any think, I was wondering, what other tether app should I download, my phone is rooted and the superuser is working, is just the tether app what I am trying to make work

  • Kevin

    I was able to install the app on my Archos 5 IT, but when I used it, it told me that USB debugging needs to be enabled. Do I have to have ADB installed to use this? If not, where do I enable it?

  • david wheat

    how long does it take to do it

  • william alfaro

    i installed it but when i try and root it nothing happens… what am i doing wrong???

  • zane

    I too have tried both Z4 & oneclick, both went know where fast. I keep seeing that with 2.2.1 its a no go right now.
    Any Idea if we can roll back to a early version and then root?
    Will the Dev be coming out with a newer version of the Z4 app?
    I have 2 Nexus one’s & a MT4G just would like to open em up and peek around with some new sw under the hood.


  • kwame93

    where do i find this app because its not on android markt.

  • ygivon

    Thank you . After struggling with various method for rooting I tried this one and it works wonder on my Galaxy s GT-I9000
    Can open root claiming apps .

  • hadieus

    my SE xperia x8 can’t root with z4root

  • gunbl

    i successfully rooted my galaxy tab. But after i upgrade my firmware recently, i can no longer root it with z4root anymore. Is there any solution?

  • Berk

    İ have tried it with my HTC Desire on Froyo but couldn’t succeed to apply. Within my trialS application could not finish the operation.

  • Rick

    It doesn’t work on my galaxy s froyo. After running it comes back on the apps list and nothing is different…

  • creighton

    how do i get 2.2 froyo on my backflip 2.1 will the root help me with this?

  • David Tamkin

    ~~~~~~~~FOR THE DEVELOPER~~~~~~~
    On the Motorola Droid A855:
    Kernel version= android-build@apa26 #1
    Baseband version= C_01.43.01P
    Build Number= FRG83D
    It ran for like 20 minutes, then said “Sorry! The application z4root (process com.z4mod.z4root) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”.
    This is the second time I’ve tried.
    Any help would be much appreciated

    • zac

      Same here, I have the LG Optimus V.

      i tried both temporary and Permanent root. On mine it will load up exploit,etc.. then it will say something about the root, pause, and then some 15 seconds later it quiets to main menu.

      If I click it again, and start the app it says:the process, com.z4mod.z4root has stopped expectantly. please try again.

      • Amir

        Same here. Exactly the same.
        Captivate with updated stock Froyo.

        • queen

          same here it did that with my android

      • jessica

        Same problem with MyTouch Slide 3G running 2.2 Froyo

  • Silvan

    After upgrading to Android 2.2.1 z4root doesn’t work anymore! Are you going to fix this or what can i do?

  • Kenny Cheah

    I install in my garmin asus A50 , but don’t see any changes? what should i see if the application will working? how to check on it? Thanks ^^

    • admin

      try to install any app that require Root.

  • Frank

    I use Android 2.2.1 on my SGS and z4root it doesn’t work on it.

  • Brankdon

    Is this permanent or temporary and how do you unroot if you have to?

  • Steve

    Dumb question probably – i downloaded the file to my PC — where do i put the apk file on my D2 ?

  • Michael L

    I tried to install this app, but at&t restricts this. So is there another way I can do this to my Captivate on 2.2 froyo?

  • simon

    didnt work on desire hd just hangs for an age…

  • Anders

    Worked perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S.

    Downloaded the app from market (beware, there’s a fake version out there as well, take a look at the developer’s name before downloading!).

  • necat

    it does not work!

  • srburner

    this really works and easy to apply, I did it to my droid x 2.2 and now is root, thank you

  • tech craze

    Does not work on Evo at all. Unistalled lookout maybe will work than,but no luck.Would be nice to have something like this. I had it for my iPhone.”jailbreakme.com” but I’m Android now. Is there another way that is safe to root ?

  • tst955i

    Failed on my HTC Desire locked to T-Mobile

  • Mastermind26

    I tried to use the app on my EVO. It just does not take. 🙁

  • bxray

    Will z4root app work for archos 5 android? If not is there any easy way to root my device?

  • kev

    When i root my evo will it save my phone numbers and how do you unroot your phone?

  • firrejoe

    the wireless tether app in the market will not work for evo u have to go to the developers website and dl the latest version if u have root it will work. i didnt use this app b/c im rooted already but this is the way i got wireless tether to work

  • isai

    Can I get a tip for my droid?

  • Roy’D

    @ angel

    This is just for 2.2 (Froyo), There is a 2.1 version on XDA site.

    My SGS is scoring over 2000pts in Quadrant now, well pleased with OCLF & z4root, Great work yet again.

    • Oscar (Singapore)

      Hey Roy’D,
      May I ask for the root for 2.1, is it possible to root Singapore’s Motorola Milestone? (: The Asia’s one. Which has the QWERTY keypad. Motorola Milestone 2.1

  • EternalVenom

    for ppl wit the vibrant galaxy s u dnt need this all this does is add superuser the galaxy s smartphone is pre rooted by t-mobile

    • pmb6177

      you sure about all sgs from t-mobile pre-rooted?only asking as i had a vodafone sgs rooted that via z4 root it was fine for about a month then it bricked?????so now i have to buy a new phone and i chose t-mobile,but if what you say is true i am amazed…

  • isai

    I have a droid 1 and I was rooted before the update to FRG22D, now am not, I tryed this app and to went thow fine minues the fact that that I had to pull the battery the first try,THE POINT it did not work for me all the root apps said I need root

  • Juny

    I’ve been trying that unrevoked crap for days. Never successful. Tried this & it worked! Only thing is: I don’t have the Superuser app.. But “ROOTonly” apps now work. Any reason why I don’t have the Superuser app?

  • angel

    Ahey y’all. Just wanted 2 know if thz works on Samsung Acclaim 2.1 android?

  • walter

    Will this method of rooting work for the Motorola cliq

  • timothy

    how do i use this app to remove the stock bloatware from my phone? i really cant see much use for the average user.

  • Ham

    works like a charm on my luster white Xperia X10i. Very easy and fast!

  • zach

    Will this work on a mytouch 3g? Not the slide

  • Sandra

    Why root? Doesn’t it void the warranty? If you root how do you go back? EVO

  • Eric

    Mark, thanks…..do after messing around with my phone for a few hours I figured a lot out. This is pretty sweet! Thanks

  • Roy’D

    Works great on SGS Running Froyo JPM (2.2)

  • mark

    hey any idea when this will work on 2.3… or how I can downgrade my phone to 2.2? Thanks in advance. ( droid 2).

    • Mark

      Hey, im the moron who asked about 2.3 … I looked at the system version number not the android version…. my bad. The root works great. It takes about 10 minutes to get off the first screen then it reboots fine. Thanks so much guys. ( Droid 2)

    • Corrigan

      2.3 isnt the firmware you’re phone is running on. Verizon hasn’t released anything past froyo so you have nothing to worry about

  • mark


    superuser means your now rooted

  • dicka

    everthing worked fine. i got root acces on my SGS 2.2.
    for what do i need busybox?

  • liquid

    I have the evo 2.2 and I tried it and it does reboot but nothing happens. I tried downloading the tether app, but it says I need a rooted phone in order to use app. So this stuff did not work, even though I tried it 4 times

  • Ibrahim

    Does it work on the Samsung Galaxy S? Anyone try it?

    • pmb6177

      yes it works perfectly,install it on your pc,drag and drop,that is it done.

  • Eric

    only got something called superuser….have no idea what this is

    • chris

      Superuser is a app that gives all of your apps that require root permission, permission to run.

  • Eric

    So it now finished and didnt get the busy box app…..

  • Eric

    I didn’t get anything, it said “Running exploit in order to obtain root access….” for like forever. So how long does it take? Droid X

  • Mark M

    Just installed SetCpu as this app requires Root Access and It said it couldn’t gain root access.
    So this z4root does not work on Desire 2.2!
    I will wait for an updated version when hopefully it will work.

  • Mark M

    There are no additional apps? Can you suggest another method of telling?

    • crz6662

      go to settings, phone info, version….

  • Mark M

    How do i know if it was successful? I run the program on my Desire 2.2, it automatically rebooted, but i dont have Busybox installed. Is there a way to tell if it has rooted or not?

    • admin

      Browse apps, you might see an app call super user after root

  • Brock

    Will this install Froyo too? Or just root the phone?

    • admin

      just root the phone.

      • jeremy

        Get this updated please..I have a Droid incredible 1…used to be the best phone out and this z4 shit doesn’t work after 4 tries! Please get it to work on incredible …also people if u wanna get rid of bloatware ..bloatfreezer on the market is ur best bet!