Advantages of Rooting Android Smartphone and Some Disadvantages

Rooting Android Smartphone is actually similar to jail-broken in iPhone. Currently many of Android user have rooted their Android Smartphone, Other wants to know what is the Advantages & Disadvantages of rooting their Android Mobile Phone. And a small percent of user don’t even know what is rooting. A rooted android phone will give you the root and unrestricted access to your Smartphone.  Let’s say everyday you want to use screenshot apps, CPU regulators, and a wifi tethering app (Using your phone as a WiFi hotspot) but you can’t, all because you don’t have root access.

advantages of rooting android

Let’s have a look at Advantages of Rooting Android Smartphone in a brief discussion:

Save Space on Phone Internal Memory

Rooting allows you to Move cache data to SD card and speed up your phone significantly. Here is a Tutorial How to move Cache Data in SD card on Android Phone posted over XDA developer.

Currently Android 2.2 allows users to install application on SD card. But if you are using lower version and have lot of Applications on your phone it will make device slowdown.  If you have rooted your Android you can install custom Rom like Cyanogen ROM for Android and a app called called Apps2SD let’s you install apps on SD Card.

Run Applications needed Root Access

There is some special Applications full of features that need root access to run such as

Android-WiFi-Tether Android Wi-FI Tether (turns Android phone into a wireless access point so that you can effectively share your phone’s Internet connection with laptops)

Set CPU Android – Overclocking your rooted device lets you speed up your phone’s processor

AutoStarts for Android let’s you get control over startup programs

Install Custom ROMs

Get the most of your Android phone using Custom ROM. Root access will let you use Custom ROM on your Android Smartphone.

Delete stock applications

With root access you will be Able to delete stock applications that you don’t use (e.g. Amazon Market)

Install Themes

Customize your Android phone the way you want. Install themes and other home screen Apps.

There is also some Disadvantages of Advantages of Rooting Android Smartphone such as:

Taking the risk

If you’re going to Root your Android and you’re unsuccessful it’s quite difficult to recover things you’ve done.

Void warranty

After rooting your Android if somehow you got problem and bring it back to the shop they might be refuse to fix it.

There is a good video review of Rooting Android Smartphone. Watch below the video of Judgment Android Rooting from Rivision3:

So, what do think? Are you going to root your Android smartphone to get extra benefit? Before you do anything make sure you have enough knowledge on do some research on how to root your specific android device otherwise you nay end up with trouble.

  • natty

    i have a lg ms690 I’m thinking bout getting a root for it bt I’m nt sure if i should. have way to much info n pics tat i dnt want to losse. so wat i want to knw is should i get one n hw cn i make sure tat i dnt loose my things.

  • davinder

    how to root a samsung gt-5570?

  • abhi

    hey guys plzzzz tell me i bought galaxy mini month ago and i want to root it to save internal.memory. but as i hav read above it voids my warrenty so should i root or not????? plZzzzzzz help me plzzzzzz guys out plzzzzzzzzz

  • Hardik

    How to root my samsung gt-i5510?? no procedure here explains that…:(

  • chandu

    Connect to system, download universalandroot .rar file, unpack it and copy in sd card, disconnect the system and install the application safely:-)

  • Mandy

    can we install froyo in sony ericsson x10 mini after rooting it .and and plz tell me its rooting instructions that I root it safly.

  • Missy Sippy

    I’ve bricked two phones by deleting important system apps and restored back to factory with no problem. For more info go to search odin or search odin/ restore captivate on youtube.

    • pmb6177

      i have bricked my galaxy s,went onto xda dev forum and one of the posts gave me a link to e-bay to buy a jig(it also told me how to build the jig,but gave me option to buy 1 pre-made),so alli was really wanting was your opinion,get the jig or do not?i have already got another sgs now but not rooted it yet cos of last experience plus my sgs was shipped without 3 button d/load recovery,this is what the jig is for it lets you into recovery mode withiut 3 button method,would appreciate your reply on this as i think the sgs is a brilliant phone and if i can fix my nold one i can give it to my girlfriend,after all it did cost £450,not worthy gathering dust at that price…thanks

  • Ashok Kumar S

    Even though it has some disadvantages it compromises its advantages so more advantages only remains in it over the iphones. specially in the battery issues in iphone.

    • Missy Sippy

      Download advance task kller from market and press the menu key through app. Set the app to auto kill when screens is off that way it will save your battery. Your phone will last all day.

      • Harshini

        Thank you for the tip. Really helps 🙂

  • Franck

    Restart your cell phone wouldn’t work?
    i restarted my cellphone 1 time because the wifi connection was fucked up it deleteevry apps but the phone come back like when you bought it

  • gadgets geek

    Thats right , the main risk is , if we brick it , how to recover the device back ?

    • Sethifer

      Boot in recovery and restore a NAND backup.

      Haven’t had a problem with bricking, but that should work..

      If you use cyanogenmod the only risk of bricking is if you install a different phones version of the ROM. For example, if you have a CDMA hero and you install a GSM hero rom.