Rock Player Universal for Android Download

Rock Player Android is a great video player which highly optimized to play videos without worrying about file format.

Get a video player for your Android device that can play almost every video format. No more worrying about video encoding. Just download and watch your favourite videos. Having such a video player for android will allow you to watch any kind of video you store on your Android device. Rock Player Universal for Android is such a good multimedia player.

Rock Player Android is an embedded platform, high-performance all-format video player. Specailly optimized for mobile devices with highly optimized core players FFMpeg decoder, RockPlayer Android platform has become the highest performance of the most extensive format support for video player. The player also support Dual Core Playback which allows to take advantages of the OpenCORE inside Android system.

RockPlayer can play a wide variety of video formats such as divx, avi, mkv, rmvb, mp4, mov, wmv, asf, wma, mp3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, RealVideo, XVID and basically all popular multimedia formats you are familiar.

RockPlayer Universal  for Android

RockPlayer Universal support subtitles, resume playing, low battery notification while watching video. The app works with Android 1.6 or later version.

Pros of Rock Player Universal for Android:

+ almost any video files and audio files can be played

+ dual core playback and excellent video playback performance

RockPlayer (ARMv6) was developed for Android by Holly Lee
Package name :

Download Rock Player Universal Android v1.1.47
rockplayer universal android apk
If you can not download the apk from the link above then use the widget below to download latest version of Rock Player from Play Store.