Robo Defense FREE Android Game (Apk Download)

One of the best game Robo Defense for Android is the ultimate portable tower defense experience on your smartphone.

Robo defence is an interesting style action game featuring open maps, upgrades, achievements and nice graphics. Here a player accumulate a careful batallion of robots to sweep out enemy robots.

Robo Defense FREE Android Game

The main target of this game is to protect your castle from enemy robots. To protect your fortress you have to buy some robots using your money and then you can fight with your enemies. In order to win this game you have no other choice!

There are many kinds of robots here. Every robot have different speciality. Differnce weapon for difference robot. It depends on you that how much money you invest in this game. If you pay a handsome money to buy robots then, you can make a strong deffence to protect your kingdom.

The most important part of this game is to set your robots in the suitable place. If you can’t do this you lose the game. Carefully look at the path of your enemy robots and set your robots wisely.

Robo defence is a kind of game which will consume plenty of your leisure time. There is a point system in this game. You can earn more point by killing enemy robots. With this point you can enrich your power.

Robo Defense was developed for Android by Lupis Labs Software

Package name : com.magicwach.rdefense.apk
Alternatively you can download Robo Defense FREE Android game from play store by hitting the link below.

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There is also a paid version of Robo Defense available with more maps and unlimited upgrade and difficulty levels. We recommend you to download Robo Defense Free and see how you like it.