Retro Defense v1.1.5 for Android Download

Retro Defense is a tower defense game with a killer retro theme. Build your defenses to stop the invaders.

Retro Defense Android

Retro Defense is hours of action and strategy game for your Android device! This game is for all those who love tower defense games. The mechanics of Retro Defense are similar to the rest, except that the graphics are much more simplified and are almost schematic.

As usual, you have to stop the invaders from getting through the board. You know the path they’ll take, so make some tower in the path to stop them. There are different types of tower with different benefits and weaknesses. You need money to build towers. So spend your money wisely and build the right towers. Also, there are bonus towers and freeze towers to slow down the invaders and help you destroy them. Most important thing is the placement of the towers. Right placement of the towers will help you achieve the goal. So, you have to place the right tower in right place, as well as planning properly to not get caught by the wrong color of invader.

The game contains 24 difficulty levels, for each of the hours of play. Also have 10 types of towers with 3 models for each tower, upgrades. You can choose from 6 different types of invaders. It also has excellent sound and authentic retro special effects which you will have several hours glued to your Android.

Really it’s a fantastic game and the graphical style is really appealing. This happens despite the fact that the entrance point is well beyond their firing range. One of the best games, but you need to let it go beyond 30 levels it would make the game better and give you 5 stars.

Retro Defense was developed for Android by Larva Labs Ltd.

Package name : com.larvalabs.retrodefence.apk

There are two versions of Retro Defense available in the Market, a free demo to try it and another full at a price of $ 4.99.