Retro Camera Android Download v3.2 Take vintage Pictures with your Smartphone


With Retro Camera for Android you can take the old style pictures. This program allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process of taking pictures of the last century, completely simulate the use of an old technique, with sound design and post photos of film development. Retro Camera app for Android, based on 5 cameras, each allows a different affect either black and white, faded, torn edges among others. It’s a gift for fans of retro photographs and old cameras.

Retro Android Camera app

Retro Camera – Free Android app Retro Camera gives you a wide variety of styles to make pictures with your smartphone or tablet. The app offers users a choice of a set of five kinds of cameras, each shot simulating the effects achieved with the classic Lomo, Polaroid, Hipstamatic, Diana and Holga. Each photograph taken by one of the cameras will be placed in a nice frame, such as a Polaroid camera in a typical white Polaroid frame. To change an alternative you can click the left or right arrow.

Before using one of the cameras, the user can see all the details of the camera as well as a filter which will be superimposed to simulate the effect, as well as the illustrative examples to see the intended result. This excellent application provides options for taking pictures in high quality. You can view the photos in the gallery, where they will be “dry ” on a rope attached clothespins. Clicking on one of the pictures is, first, to increase the picture, and secondly, the program will open several functions: to share or delete the photo, and share the application itself. You can share your photos through Facebook and Twitter or send it directly via email.

Download Retro Camera Android App v3.2
Retro Camera android apk     

Retro Camera is a Free Android App. You can Download Retro Camera from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, simply follow the link below to grab Android Retro Camera app from Google Play Store