Remote Control Computer with Android Smartphone or Tablet with Team Viewer App


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On Nov 11, 2012
Last modified:Feb 27, 2013


Download TeamViewer for Remote Control to Remote Control Computer with Android Smartphone or Tablet. An excellent solution for remote controlling PC without any hassle

Team Viewer Android App allows to Remote Control Computer with Android in a very convenient way!

With the TeamViewer Android app combined with the software developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, Android smartphone and tablet owners able to Control Computer easily. Just as if your were sitting in front of your monitor, you get the entire screen displayed directly on the mobile phone display and draw with your finger to move the mouse. 

Remote Control Computer with Android with team viewer app

TeamViewer for Remote Control is the most popular choice when it comes to remote connecting and controlling the PC, be it Windows, Mac or Linus.  After connecting, one-tap corresponds to a left-click, and using two fingers you will get right-click.  Just swiping with two fingers across the screen simulates the mouse wheel. Even windows, icons or files can be moved by holding down on them and placing at will. By pinch-to-zoom is possible to enlarge the image or to reduce it – as usual from the Android web browser or Google Maps. Also the automatic rotation of the screen works fine. TeamViewer also able to simulate the PC keyboard, including Windows, ALT and CTRL keys and also, the F-keys, Escape, Tab & Co. as an extension of the keyboard. In addition, the app also supports a second monitor to be connected. Tapping the tool icon will alow you to easily switch between primary and secondary monitor.

For instant access to the desktop of a computer, the smartphone users must first install the latest version of TeamViewer software on their PC. It’s free for personal use, however, for commercial use a license required. The installation files for Windows, Linux and Mac OS are available on the TeamViewer website . After the installation, the user will prompted to set a password for which they can connect to the computer later. You also receive an identification number, which is also necessary for a connection. TeamViewer generates each time you start the application a temporary password, which the user can alternatively use for logging.

The next step is installing TeamViewer app on an Android smartphone or Tablet. After it starts, you only need to enter the received identification number and password from Computer client. After the credentials have been set with a tap on remote control an encrypted connection will be established between computer and android device. Naturally an internet connection is required and the app can work on both 3G/4G or WiFi. After you done with work, a click on the X button ends the remote access session. The app saves the last credentials entered for a computer – also including passwords so that upon connecting the next time you won’t need to insert them again. For anyone who registers on the TeamViewer website there is also the possibility to store the data on different computers, such as an address book.


With the current version of TeamViewer App smartphone owners have the ability to easily transfer files between the phone and the PC. The latest release  also included some Windows 8 fetures, like shortcut buttons for Windows 8 edge gestures. You can not stream sound from the remote computer, something that has been missing though available with other solutions of same kind. There is support for TeamViewer 8 Management Console, including connection logging and commenting and support for TeamViewer 8 group sharing. There is a new shared groups view and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Pros of TeamViewer for Remote Control for Android:

+ Highly versatile

+ Compatible with most platforms

+ Free without adds

Cons of TeamViewer for Remote Control for Android:

- None

Download TeamViewer for Remote Control for free by hitting the review widget below. Enjoy Remote Control Computer with Android Smartphone or Tablet.