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Raging Thunder 2 is the most popular game for Android from polar-bit.

A number of racing games are available for Android devices, making it difficult to find a good one. If you like racing games and looking for a good one, than we recommend to choose Raging Thunder 2, a complete racing game for Android. Well-designed graphics and fun gameplay of Raging thunder 2 makes it a good choice for casual gamers.

Raging Thunder 2 android game apk free
Buckle up Take on the most adrenaline pumping 3D street racer ever on a handheld platform. Raging Thunder features stunning console quality graphics.
For those who are not familiar with this app, Raging Thunder 2 is a racing game in 3D that will lead you to abandoned temples, snow-capped mountains, tropical beaches, the Great Wall of China and other wonders of the world. Users can buy new cars as the game supports upgrade. There are five game moods including single race, career mode and arcade-style game for single player.

The main interface of the game was well designed and easy to interpret, which was good because there were no instructions or user tutorials readily available. The game has great graphics with beautiful effects of light and shadow. Once started, the game loads quickly. Your race car speeds down the track. The inclination of the device turns the car as needed, this action had a good response and sensitivity. The controls, including those for acceleration and turning, you can change some options from the main menu. During play, there were some instances where the game froze for a split second. After corrected and went smoothly. In this version of Raging Thunder 2, you play three rounds on one of the tracks in the game, good chance to experience the speed and good finishes.

To conserve file space on your device, 20MB of data will be downloaded and stored on your SD card at first launch.

For casual gamers who are looking for a fun racing game, Raging Thunder 2 performs well and would be a good choice. Are you ready to take on the most adrenaline 3D street racer on your Android device?

NOTE: This game is cracked to pass security check, install apk and let it download the sd files. Wifi is required, when it’s turned off game will not work.

Raging Thunder 2 was developed for Android by polarbit
Package name : com.polarbit.rthunder2.apk
File size:1.97MB

Download Raging Thunder 2 – FRE

The apk file above were found online and may be the older version of Raging Thunder 2 Android Game. We recommend you to download latest version of Raging Thunder 2 – FREE from play store using the android market link. There is also a premium version and Raging Thunder HD version available for $2,18

  • adelson

    yeah…seems that im not the only one with the same problem with this game…it works well but you need to turn on data or wifi before you could start the game…

  • running like F1 car race

  • yv8ghu

    Works like a charm.

  • lj

    after downloading d file, turn on your mobile’s wifi and it will automatically download those 20 mb..Without that, it wont work.. I’v downloaded proevolution soccer 2011 in d same manner….

    • Fred Johnston

      Yeah, EXCEPT it DOESN’T WORK NOW… they must have their server down, or someone forgot to upload the file needed for download on our end. WTF!

  • asd

    Is dusnot work

  • Jessica

    It doesnt work. say needed license 🙁

  • schovi

    every time when i want play this game i have to use internet to star game or it will show error

    • jj

      same here..is it because it wasn’t from market place? i think it has something to do with the downloading 20mb when you first start it.

      • jj

        nvm, just saw the updated note