Download Quickoffice For Android Free with 10GB Drive Storage!

After purchasing Quickoffice, Google has decided to offer the Quickoffice service completely free on Android and iOS.

Quickoffice is the FIRST and ONLY Microsoft® Office productivity suite for Android devices to View and Edit Microsoft® Word, Excel & PowerPoint files with integrated access to remote storage. Access, transfer, share and manage files on Google Drive.
Quickoffice for android download app
Quickoffice for Android allows users to create, manage, edit, view and save documents compatible with Microsoft Office suite (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations) anywhere, anytime, right from your Android device.

With the app users can view the most popular file extensions on attachments to e-mail directly from your Android phone . Quickoffice Android app includes Power Edit Mode to make changes quick format and edited from a toolbox to a text file or a spreadsheet. The app also includes support for cloud storage with google drive.

While Microsoft offers its own Office 365 for mobile devices to handle document files, the service basically a read only meaning you need to pay subscription to be able to edit documents. Now Google makes Quickoffice For Android completely free with all the needed features. All you need to instal the app and sign in with your google account.

ON top of the free quickoffice download, those who will sign up for the service before September 26th will also get 10GB of extra Google Drive storage, which is free for two years. So what are you waiting for? It’s all win win situation.

Download Quickoffice For Android Free from the official android app store.

Download Quickoffice Android App