psx4droid (Sony PSX Emulator) for Android Download v1.3


psx4droid (Sony PSX Emulator) for AndroidDownload psx4droid, the Sony Playstation (PSX/PS1) emulator for high-end Android Smartphones. let’s get your hands on those classic game right on your Palm. Isn’t it cool?

psx4droid Fast and feature packed including:
– Uses formats BIN,ISO,IMG,PBP,Z,ZNX, and Eboot (compressed too)
– WiiMote controller works
– Trackball dpad
– Memory card & save states.
– Virtual control overlays
– Scaling modes
– more!

Watch below Demo Video and overview of psx4droid (Sony PSX Emulator) on Android Mobile Phone:

psx4droid (PSX Emulator) was developed for Android by ZodTTD
Package name : com.zodttd.psx.apk
File size: 724KB

Download Now psx4droid for Android v1.3
How to install psx4droid on Android: First Download the Bios file for psx4droid Android Here Place it in your sd card. Now Download the and install psx4droid for Android v1.3 apk file above and install. Open it and go setting specify the Bios file in Sd Card. Search and download ROMS copy it to phone, Enjoy! Here is a tutorial guide published in xda developer Step-by-step guide to getting psx4droid to work.  Here is the link to Download Rom Buddy Psx which will let your search and Download ROM’s for Emulator. If you can make the application does work please share your experience with other visitors in comment section below.

  • malouka


  • miles

    it blacks out when i select the .bin file. why????

  • miles

    it blacks out when i select the .bin file. why????

  • geo

    Ok so I have tried installing the Rom buddy but it won’t let me install anything and keeps askign for a update I dont know what to do any help or suggestions ?

  • Eleonora Natani

    Grazie per le ottime info, di solito non sono sovente a sprecarmi in complimenti, ma l’articolo devo dire che è un ottimo lavoro.

  • mysterio

    Tried it on my lg p970 and can play xenogears with high fps 🙂

  • lintas

    ok thanks

  • Max

    When I install it and evrything adding the right bios file I try to play the game. But for some reason its just not working when I click on the game I want to play my screen gets black and frozen and it tells me that the applications crashes. Dunno what to do how can I fix this?

  • dorki

    hey well i downloaded rombuddy but when i go to get roms it says i need to upgrade to new version any help on this

  • gian

    hey guys can I download this to m samsung galaxy fit? its a low end android smartphone

  • FF7Kid

    So, everything works beautifully. I found an UNECM program for free online so all you need to do is download the ROM from a 3rd party site, run the ecm file through it and bam you et a bin file. My only complaint is that, while the video looks fine, the audio is sped up. I cant seem to slow it down during actual game play but it slows down and sounds fine while in menus. This is for FF7 with the rom downloaded from Doperoms and unecm’d. Any ideas?

    • FF7Kid

      Also, this is running on the new Thunderbolt from HTC.

  • metked

    Having the same problem as callan, but with Grandia and Azure Dreams, please advise.

  • callan

    not to sure bt my device cant play anything I load my game into the sd card bt it rejects to play the game. Whenever I click it reads then goes back to the list…..Same results with crash bandicoot 1 2 and 3 as well as crash bash

  • gri3v3r

    wildfire can read ps games but too slow. wondering if there will ever be an update of BIOS or psx versions so that it can play normally..?

  • Abdul

    hi iv been trying to install psx4droid from hera but i cant seem to get it installed, files download but they are blank, iv tryed the step by step but it dnt seem to download in the proper format, can u help me?

  • odie81

    hello.. when i install psx4droid lite current version from market, i can play Final Fantasy 9 for a while, but after that it reset.
    But when i install psx4droid v1.3 from here, i can’t even load FF9.
    But it works well on FF7 and i can save my game now. thanx 🙂
    Can u help me, i wish to play FF9 🙁

  • Leo Zaldivar

    does this mean i can use my emulators that i already have? (psxe, ds emulators etc.)

  • Joey

    Finally its working! But it was way to slow to run on a Wildfire.. =(

    • gheezy

      hey how did u get it to stop saying update required

  • Joey

    I had tried to download the ROM files with the ROM buddy but it said that Upgrade Required. Download will no longer work until you update.

    Admin.. Please help

  • Billy

    When I tried to download it on my default browser from my Samsung Vibrant the extension shows up as .txt. So, I downloaded the Skyfire browser and re-download again and just re-named the extension to .apk mystery solved.

  • Billy

    The file extension for the rom buddy file is .txt isn’t it suppose to be .apk?

    • admin

      it’s an apk, try to download again or use different browser.

  • sydney

    download link doesnt work!

  • hong

    i had search the game that what i wanna to play n i download it, it works! haha wow.. thanks android site is the best really appreciated

  • hong

    To:admin. is all the game working??

    • admin

      It’s working. Download ROM Buddy from the link and search for Rom. Once you downloaded New Rom and select them from psx option you will be able to play

      • Joey

        Admin, the ROM buddy is not downloading game anymore. It said you need to upgrade it…… =(

  • hong

    i look all over into internet it make me sick n tired can’t even get a stuff there is allot of differen format type. for my thinking android market is the best

  • hong

    rom buddy psx, is there need to change format? type to download will it really works on android phone

  • Litoz

    Anyone with links to the newer versions???

  • cangriman86

    rom buddy workin grate on g1 and mytouch 3g

    • kieth

      hey could i get the apk for rom buddy

      • admin

        there is already download link in the posts. check again

  • Spartoi

    1.4 was just released. =)

    • L2K

      1.5 was just released. =]

      • jtax

        Please tel me the site where i can find this emulator