psx4droid PlayStation Emulator removed from Android Market. Blame goes on Xperia Play Launch

psx4droid PlayStation Emulator removed from Android Market

UPDATE: Download PSX4Droid Android, Playstation emulator android.

The most popular psx4droid PlayStation Emulator pulled from Android Market. It’s developer confirmed in a tweet: “psx4droid v2 was pulled by Google due to “Content Policy violation” as noted here Trying to determine what can be done.” Google’s statement regarding this matter was in a simple sentence: “We remove apps from Android Market that violate our  policies.”

Android PlayStation emulator PSX4Droid pulled from Marketpsx4droid Emulator have been on Android Market for eight months. Other popular Android Emulator such as SNesoid (SNES), GameBoid (Game Boy) and, in particular, FPSe (PlayStation) still safely on Android Market suggest after a long period of distribution the sudden removal of psx4droid seems has something to with the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Launching as they had plan to bring their own classic games on latest Xperia Play. But, let’s not worry much. There is plenty of third party Android Apps Market to get psx4droid PlayStation Emulator.

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