Download PSX4Droid Sony Playstation emulator for Android


With PSX4Droid emulator app play your favourite Sony Play station games on any andorid device.

Most of us interested to get emulators for androids and be able to play old classic games from playstation, Gameboy and other console. Download PSX4Droid Android which is a Sony Playstation emulator for android and brings the game like Final Fantasy on your Android.

PSX4Droid now Free to Download

Since Google has removed the popular PlayStation Emulator PSX4Droid without any warning from Android Market, the developer zodttd made it available independently and keeps updating. Now you can download the PSX4Droid app for Android from his own website and it’s available for Free. ZodTTD just updated PSX4Droid to v3.0.5 and made it open source.

Download PSX4Droid Android :

Download psx4droid playstation emulator apk

You can download the latest version of PSX4Droidon emulator apk from the link above. You should also checkout GameBoid GBA Emulator Android Download, GBA Bios and Best GBA ROMs for Android.

Note: To be able to play any classic PlayStation game with PSX4Droid emulator for android you need to download the BIOS file to run the emulator. The file usually called SCPH1001.bin which can be easily download by doing a search on google. The next thing you need is a Game ROM or game file image. Download a rom of your choice and make sure to extract the file if it compressed until you get the file extension is .iso. Let’s first locate the bios file into the emulator and then load the game ROM. Start playing the classic PlayStation games right on your Andorid device.

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