Private Browsing on Android With TOR App & Private Web Browser


Download Orbot: Proxy with Tor Android app and Orweb: Private Web Browser to Private Browsing on Android devices.

Recently we are hearing a lot about Governments secretly keeping eyes on peoples’s activity on internet. When we surf internet, our connection provider and government knows what we are doing. The same goes to browsing internet from smartphone or tablet devices. In some countries, for example in China government blocks certain websites so no one can access them. To be able to access those website user need to trick that they are browsing web from a different location than actual location.

There is some desktop software that allows to access internet anonymously, such as Tor. Now they just bring an android version of the app called Orbot: Proxy with Tor which will let you do the same on your android smartphone. Along with its companion browser app for android Orweb: Private Web Browser you will be able to access internet privately and anonymously. The app works regardless on both Cellular and WiFi network.

How Proxy with Tor work?

Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and then hides it by bouncing through a series of computers around the world then finally when deliver it to destination server. In details, Tor uses a route between different computers to send or receive encrypted internet data packets to actual destination. Your data won’t use same path every-time so it become impossible for end service to determine your actual location.

Download and Install Orbot: Proxy with Tor and  Orweb: Private Web Browser.

Using Tor app Android device creates a local proxy that other apps on your smartphone can use to hide location. If your device not rooted there is possibility that some apps still may leak your ip address. To be able to really browse anonymously, there is also a companion browser design by the same people to hide your IP address. With both app installed you do not need to worry about rooting your device.
private browsing on android with tor app

However, with superuser permission granted on rooted device the app provide some advance features such as creating a transparent proxy to force all apps to use Tor. But the developer recommend a list of apps to use with Tor. Such as, use Gibberbot to chat securely, the DuckDuckGo app to search over Tor, browse with Firefox for Android and the Proxy Mobile add-on, or set Twitter’s proxy to “localhost” and port 8118.

browse anonymously on android with orbot private browser app

Once Orbot is installed and running, use the Orweb browser to browse anonymously. The app also doesn’t store any browsing history or other information about the websites you visit.

Note that using the above method to browse web anonymously can slow down your data connection speed as it goes through a long route. But still its a good way not to let Government or any third party to snooping on you.