Prey Phone Tracker Android Application Download. Anti-theft solution

Prey Phone Tracker Application for Android is an Open source, cross-platform anti-theft solution. Prey lets you keep track of *all* your devices easily on one place. You can use Prey to track other mobile device as well such as Laptop. Great app for phone and pc, it provide exact location of our device and alerts you in case of being stolen.

Download Prey Phone Tracker Android App       Screenshot of Prey Phone Tracker Android App

Prey Phone Tracker Android features:
- GPS + Wifi geo-location.
- SIM change detection.
- SMS or Cloud To Device activation (2.2+).
- Lock phone/tablet for privacy (2.2+).
- Uninstall protection (2.2+).
- Loud alarm sound.
- Alert messages to user.

Prey Phone Tracker was developed for Android by Fork Ltd.
Package name : com.prey
File size: 308KB

Download Prey Phone Tracker Android App v0.5
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Prey Phone Tracker is a Free Android App. Download Prey Phone Tracker from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.