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After Winampp released their Android Version of Music player here we comes with PowerAMP Beta Android Music Player which got a lot of feedback and attraction in early stage of development. Poweramp Music Player for Android considered one of the best players for Android. This Android music player allows you to play a lot of audio formats such as mp3, mp4/m4a, ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, wma and tta. Another of the most fascinating things that have this player is its 10-band graphic equalizer.

PowerAMP Beta Android   PowerAMP Beta for Android

The player opens as soon as the song starts playing. On the main page of the player you will see the standard album cover, control buttons (play, forward and rewind (play, fwd, rwd)), as well as the blending option or repeat songs. The best part of this music player is a graphic equalizer on 10 tracks. You can perform all the settings yourself or choose one of the predefined formats to improve music formats such as dance, rock and techno. There are even separate settings for bass, treble and volume. If you do not like your settings, simply press the reset button to return to the default settings. The app also includes 4 widgets for our homescreens, and offers the ability to download album covers that we do not have. And if users are we like to customize to our liking applications PowerAmp Music Player features a variety of topics to get. Very easy to use and the program supports widgets, 2×2, 4×1, 4×2, 4×4. The player supports skins: a lighter, a metal, plastic, Classic Skin and neon.

PowerAMP Beta Android was developed by  MaxMP
Package name: PowerAMP_1.0_build_113_full.apk
File size: 2.09MB

(Updated to full version) Download PowerAMP_1.0_build_113full.apk

Autostarts for android

Or, simply follow the links below to get the app from Play Store. There is a demo version of PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker gives you 30 days trial with all its functions. If you want to continue using this application later date after this trial version, you’ll pay $3.99.

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  • ty

    thx :)))))

  • snowy69

    seriously dude osm player….thnkx bro..

  • Sikander

    user defined equilizers cannot be saved,,,,,but its so good.

  • nanana

    thanks a lot bro this is realy2 great music player 😀

  • phoi

    thx a lot for your app
    very excellent

  • nagraaj

    Excellent APP… Thanx a TON bro….

  • milan

    oh. boy…. boy…. its realy cool music player
    thx a lot bro

  • Asmodai

    gracias, en mi cel en este momento esta trabajando muy bien, solamente desinstale la version trial y le instale este que baje, muy bien muchas gracias !!!!

  • Nova910

    Thx a lot. Works well on T-Mobile Pulse, running Cyanogen mod 2.2 froyo

  • Torosax

    Anyone else having this problem/know how to fix it? I installed the files and now I almost always get this message that pops up.. “Sorry, but PowerAMP can’t verify the purchase through Android Market License Verification. Please ensure the internet connection is up and stable next time you start PowerAMP.”

    My brother and I get the same message on our EVOs and my buddy also gets it on his Incredible…

    • Markyboy

      Ok i couldn’t get jkyree’s files to work i got the can’t verify measage however i went back to market place and installed the trial version which worked fine…. then whilst the player was running i ran the crack in jkyree’s files and result it now says i have fully installed version 🙂

  • Paul

    doesnt work on mytouch 3g android 2.2 help anyone

  • Togo

    thanks dude! installed on my htc wildfire 🙂

  • Torosax

    JKYREE – Thanks so much for posting that link!! Love this music player.. have tried two or three other players before this and none of them compare!

  • Chorce

    JKYREE’s files didn’t work for me, I get “Could not verify licence” error if I open the app while the full version unlocker is installed.

    Am I missing something? Maybe its because I’m in Sweden..?

  • june

    damm so cool this is the coolest player i ever had.. 5star

  • Flatnote31

    Installed JKYREE’s files and it’s AWESOME! 🙂

    thx a lot guys 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Flatnote31

    same here!
    expired !
    all coz I had the trial version earlier 🙁
    any fix or workaround guys?


  • jkyree
  • Woody

    Same here….

  • jkyree

    here is the official page: http://powerampapp.com/
    now the latest is available on market…
    if somebody have the full pls link us 🙂

  • Mas Londho


  • Hansa

    Same thing, the 113 version say trial expired…

  • chinku

    it stil says trial expired….
    plZzz help….

  • Boss

    Please update 🙂

  • Weazal

    Yer mine to has just come up trial any upates on the cards?

  • joe

    mines keep saying trial version expired could somebody send me the full version link please. appreciate it

  • Shrey

    @Admin is there an app which adjusts the screen brightness using the proximity sensor..??

  • Joe M

    The image look great, but I can’t install on my 1.6 OS. Damn Dell! hurry and release the Froyo update. Hopefully, I can install this in a few months. Love this website!

  • Weazal

    Thx alot best media player by far great site keep uo good work

  • jkyree

    Here is the latest RC: Download Link Updated

    • admin

      Thanks jkyree for the latest file

  • Uno

    very nice .. i use it over the standard pre-installed music player .. wish the widget looked better .. great app tho .. keeping apk file, just incase i have to get another phone .. p.s. i don’t see any trial, i have full free version .. luv it .. just needs a better looking widget ..

  • andres


    • admin

      update vesion posted

  • maksud

    Hey bro cool thing u did.Can’t u do it for Android 1.6

  • Shrey

    when i installed this app it says ::
    “sorry but PowerAMP trial has expired.
    Thank you for the evaluation! ”


    • admin

      Download now. File updated

      • Shrey

        This is the best Music App i have ever used….
        Thanks a ton…!!

        LOVE YA “getandroidstuff”