Porting Android Apps to iOS now easy with new Software from Google

Google just launched a software tool that allows easy porting of apps from one of the most popular smartphone platforms – Porting Android Apps to iOS. Named J2ObjC, the new solution must not be seen as a Java emulator, although its role to convert Java code to Objective-C code which works for iOS application development.

Android Apps to iOS

Note that the new tool is not completely writing cross-platform mobile applications. For example at the interface area, developers still have lots of work to do. Mobile Application Developers can use J2ObjC to port their applications, but then will have to write the new interfaces code in Objective-C, based on the iOS SDK. The remaining non-UI functions can be encoded using J2ObjC then portions of the app can be compiled for both iOS and Android, with no need for separate programming at this level.

J2ObjC is compatible with most encoding programs from Xcode to Make and porting from Java to Objective-C is automatic. Google’s language tool supports full Java 6, including exceptions, generic types, threads, reflection and more. At this point the project is somewhere between alpha and beta stage, so it is a work in progress. What you must remember is that Google tries to make it work and we hope Apple developers can think of the same thing.

If you are an iOS Application developer then checkout the new software yourself  at j2objc - A Java to iOS Objective-C translation tool and runtime 

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