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Welcome back to our weekly android app showcase where we focus on latest free and popular Android apps from recent releases on play store. Discover the best android apps for your Android device to get most out of it. Wouldn’t it just gets better if you can find the best free Android apps without searching through the playstore listings. That’s where we are here to help you.

Let’s download the most popular Android apps for this week.

Adobe Illustrator Draw (FREE)

Adobe Illustrator Draw - android apps of the week

8.4Adobe Illustrator Draw is a new application for Android completely dedicated to those who loves to draw on the go. This application provides some useful vector drawing tools very intuitive to use. It includes five different types of brush and other tools and resources like free images, Adobe Stock. Besides, as part of Adobe Creative Cloud, you can work directly with your digital library files, or even send your creations directly from your Android to your computer.

Adobe Capture CC (FREE)

8.2Adobe Capture CC combined Brush CC, Color CC and Shape CC in one place. By installing this new application, you no longer have to keep three separate applications to create custom brushes, palettes or shapes. Like Illustrator, Capture CC makes use of the features in Adobe Creative Cloud, syncing in the cloud with all your devices.

ClickMe – Reminder in a click (FREE)

8.6This application is focused on productivity, and it will help you in your daily tasks. It is simple and uncomplicated and promises to make its users never forget their responsibilities by setting reminders in a practical way. With a minimalist, very light and very elegant interface, it is guaranteed that the experience with the app will be the best possible in almost any type of device.

go90™ – Watch/Cut/Share Videos (FREE)

7.5Go90 is an entertainment application with exclusive content and trying to compete with others such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Go90 is more focused on young audiences and not only for its content but also for its social tools. Go90 lets you cut, collaborate and discuss your favorite video clips. All this from your smartphone.

Icondy-Customize your Iconpack (FREE)

8.2One of the things that Android users love is the customization with different launchers and icon packs. However, sometimes some icons might not be to your taste, and this is where Icondy comes. To do this, you need a different official launcher and at least two packs of icons. With an aesthetic material design, you can go easily by combining the icons until you have the perfect combination you want.

Photo Editor Ultimate (FREE)

8.8Photo Editor Ultimate is an interesting editing tool that lets you apply filters to your smartphone camera in real time. You can also edit images you already have on your device. You can improve the image with a single touch, add effects and frames, put stickers to encourage your images or adjust the balance, brightness, contrast and temperature. Tell the story of your photos or post them with a message on it. Easily write and create your own memes.

car2go (FREE)

8.4car2go is a car rental company that allows you to locate a nearby car from your smartphone. The best thing is that your membership card can be used to unlock the door without having to visit a car rental agency that is too far from your position. This service is currently available to 29 cities in Europe and North America.

Let us know which apps from above was helpful for you. ALso checkout most popular android apps from last week. Browse our Android Apps of the week section for more from previous weeks.

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