Pokmon Game Android Download v3.5

This is a Pokemon Battle game for Android Devices based on the Classic Characters. This is the first android app/game by the developer, so please give feedback to improve the game on next updates. If you are a fan of Classic Pokemon games give it a try.

Pokmon Game Android   Download Pokemon Game Android

Recent changes in Pokmom Android game v3.5:
-47 pokemons(till date)
-poke balls,potions.. and more
-city 5 added
-new pokemons added(8 pokemons)
-now geodude comes on wild
-eevee added, it evolves randomly into flarion,vaporion or joltion(instead on stones)
-attack mechanism re programmed
-stamina mechanism re programmed

Pokmon Game was developed for Android by Jeno Manickam D
Package name : com.Pokemon.apk
File size: 6.2MB

Download Pokmon Android Game v3.5
Pokmon Android apk

Pokmon is a Free Android Game. Download Pokmon from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.