Pokemon Android Game Download Beta (WVGA version)


If you are a fan of Pokemon and want to give it a try on your Android Mobile Phone then go ahead grab this Beta version of Pokemon Android game Developed by xda member jenod. This a simple Pokemon battle game in early stage of development, but you can grab the apk file below and test on your Android Smatphone.

Pokemon Android Game         Pokemon Android Game download

The game is not impressive right now, because of no proper gameplay and sound. The developer should change the name a bit to keep the pokemons’ names original from Nintendo and give it a identity. Anyway download the game, try it and you could leave some advice for dev in xda.

Note: If you can’t install through package installer, follow these step below
1)download the PokemonGmaeWVGA.apk file
2)put the file in Android\AndroidApps

Download Pokemon Android Game Beta apk (WVGA version)
Pokemon android apk
Update: Pokmon Game Android Download v3.5

  • ivan

    Can someone give my link of this game plizz

  • barbie

    How to do the installation

  • Jeno

    Its my game, now its fully developed and complete

  • Wello

    I’m sorry to say this, but it’s better to just download a Gameboy emulator..

    But I guess the game is just for development training..