PlayTalk Android Download App v1.0.0

Play Talk is a PTT(Push To Talk) style mobile Walkie-talkie application for Android Smartphone which has additional functions such as location service of users and sharing pictures in the same channel room.

PlayTalk Android App      PlayTalk Android App

Now you have a new app on your android device. This is a great app and I love playing it. It would better if you didn’t need WiFi and if you ask him to show you a person it is extremely fuzzy but I still love this app!!

PlayTalk was developed for Android by Interware
Package name :
File size: 1.4MB

Download PlayTalk Android App v1.0.0
PlayTalk Android apk

PlayTalk is a Free Android App. Download PlayTalk from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.