Plasma Lamp Android Download app. Electric bolts of glowing light

Plasma Lamp Android is an absolutely amazing, beautiful, fun application for your gadget, be it a Smartphone or a Tablet. Plasma Lamp is fascinating to watch and even more fun to play with! Simply tap the screen for the animation to start. Plasma Lamp is a fun app that you get to impress your friends with your fancy touch-screen phone. Looks especially beautiful on Samsung Galaxy Tab!

Download Plasma Lamp Andorid app      Screenshot of Plasma Lamp Andorid App

The app Plasma Lamp for Android emulates a ball of plasma on your device screen. With three vibrant color options, it seems as if you are facing one of these curious objects that delight and illuminate environments. You Just have to tap on the screen of your device and “electric bolts” of glowing light follow your fingers!

Plasma Lamp was developed for Android by Infinite Dreams
Package name : pl.idreams.PlasmaLamp.apk
File size: 8.5MB

Download Plasma Lamp Android App v1.00
Plasma Lamp Android apk

Plasma Lamp is a Free Android Game. Download Plasma Lamp from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app  Plasma Lamp for Android from Play Store:

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