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Checkout the ported version of Plants vs Zombies for Android. Download apk and install!

UPDATE: (Official version on Amazon Appstore) Download Plants vs Zombies Android.

Plants vs Zombies is the Android version popular iPhone Game Plants vs Zombies. This is a strategy based where plants have to eliminate Zombies. Zombies of all types pour in from the right side of the screen.

In this excellent strategy game you have to collected bits of sun which works as currency, you must buy and place various plants around the yard to stave off the groaning hordes. Each type of plants has different powers and shooting ability to kill zombies before they attack on your house.

plants vs zombies Android game apk

Android users has been waiting for the official Plants vs Zombies game on Android platform but it may will take more time to arrive. A chinese developer team went ahead and make an un official version of the game which feels quite good. So if you are excited to play Plants vs Zombies on Android then Download the apk below and try out.

Plants vs Zombies game for Android features Day time, night time levels, tracts of water to deal with, fog, and stages that take place on the roof!
plants vs zombies android apk was developed for Android inspired by (PopCap games)
Package name: plants_vs_zombies_2.4_1.6sdk_en2.apk
File size: 2.38MB

Download Plants vs Zombies Android apk
Plants vs Zombies apk

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  • plants vs zombies 2 it’s about time pc download

    If you really want a game that does not have
    a demo, what options do you have. It’s a nice new
    addition to the series and can lead to some intense multiplayer sessions against a worthy competitor.
    All of these games are expected to launch on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and
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    I’d be a little hard-pressed to not include an Angry Birds game in here.
    In reality, once you break the seal on the box, you have already agreed to the EULA terms.

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    The file is gone…

  • Download version

    aku juga pengen banget download game ini . dan saya sangat suka denga Website anda

  • Kartikey bhanot

    Plants vs zombies like this game but cousan do not like this game please plants vs zombies part 100 OK thankyou

  • ade

    i try my USB cable but don’t work in my computer

    so can you tell how to use my USB so it can work

    send in my email if you know how 🙂

  • Anna

    i tested it on archos 43 but the pot and day and night mode works

  • Aries

    I hope this will work. Find it hard to download the working one as android offers the PVZFanApp only

  • Bob

    They’re gonna be from popcap to pop a cap in yo ass!

  • Beansolder

    After i put file in phone it is zip file, so what should i do? I cant instal it. Every time i try to open it opens as zip file.. help pls 🙂

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    thank for all
    I need all of professional help.because I now learning in IT and Mobile.

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    and I need android software and game for service .and how to system restore and how to check system st

  • This game is good.. nice game app

  • This game is good… works for me…

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    gnda ng game na toh! noh! ka loka pls add nyo nmn ako sa fb oh

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    nice suprise game hahaha

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    bakit di nyo po gawing mas maganda ang plantvszombie

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    i really can’t get this game. . . how was that.. . ?

  • Koplin

    Can someone tell us how do we install this? I copied the apk file to my sd card (lg optimus 2x), but the file is oppened by the zip program and doesn’t intall nothing…

  • Bryan

    It is fun for now, but definitely not the real thing. Thanks for the game.

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  • How much does it cost? Bcuz I dont want to buy anything.if its free ill take but if its not ill leave it.

  • this works but it has issues… one being the whole game doest not fit right and a good chunk of the screen gets cut off…….if the screen was 10/10….1/10 of the game gets cut off!

  • Torsrex

    Here is the latest version (2.5):

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    how i wan download this game ?

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    this is coo! xD wish there is an android suitable DOTA…xD

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    can i join ?

  • jerelo mainar

    pwdi poh bang makasali sa nyu?

  • itsdriodzor

    it works but its off sync..i mean a tiny bit of the screen is missing…. i tested it on archos 43 but the pot and day and night mode works

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  • jayreresuello

    i like dis game

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  • muhd alif

  • Anonymous

    A decent enough of a port. Though it was a bit touchy on my HTC Incredible and would plant randomly. I uninstalled it, waiting for PopCap to come out with the real deal.

  • intelinside

    How this Android game work?

  • Nur Amirah Binti Mohd Tahir

    dak sabar nak main games ni…….

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    platnts vs zombies

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    i love plants vs. zombies game, please try playing it ones..

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    is it for free on Android Market?

  • Grace Bee

    is downloading free?

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    aun naman

  • PikachuCLS

    I really like how this asian guy put this game together with original game sprites. Theres also a newer version. Go download it from their web



  • nickhun

    is awesome

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    plants vs zombies is auesome

  • rernshel

    i love that game i beet the games i am on level 100 just like my uncle lindon plants vs zombies is auesome

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    the plant vs. zombies is very amazing and beautiful

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    i love it plants vs zombies

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      hoy wag kang gumaganyan ha! malande k ulul pokpok pakan2tin k ulul hahahahahahaha!

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        i love u more plants vszombies

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        Yeah!watevah!n’ r u thnkng n mgpatalo me sau nvah. . .pues u r so B-O-B-A ! ! !che!

  • Shoji

    Ok I am an Android newbie. I clicked on download but can’t run this or find it. Do I need to root my R2D2 Droid? Thanks in advance for any constructive help.

    • admin

      There is some apps which required ROOT. But most of the apps you can install normally. download it on the phone, or copy it on SD card. Use file explorer to view the file, tap on it to install. Enjoy!

      • Sarah

        Works great on the google tablet!!! <3 Thanks! ^_^

  • charlie s.jumuad

    ano ang tawag doon pinaglalaro mo

  • jovielynymbong

    i think popcap is publishing plants vs. zombies on the android in 2011, to; and roid community
    if you`re relly anxiousios impatient try this one out


    I think popcap is publishing plants vs. zombies on the android in 2011, according to: android community
    If you’re really anxious/impatient try this one out.

  • gabbo

    Gioco orribile

  • nac

    perfect in nexus one

  • Insanity

    why the hell dont pop cap sort it out and get their games on android, so many ppl with it now they got no reason not too


      Why dosen’t popcap just make their games available on android?!?!?!?

  • Niko

    Thanks for this beast. Going to rock out with it.

  • Bob

    Popcap hasn’t released any version of PvZ on andriod yet.
    How many malicious content has this got?

    • medicscott

      yeah…why is this not in the market?

      • ajs

        Er, because it’d probably get removed straight away as copyright infringement?

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        hello how are you do you want to be my friend

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    Not the official game by any means, but a decent enough port…


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      hoy galingan m kac masmgaling ako syo

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  • Mr Center

    Nice upload. this game is a winner.

    • Mr Center

      On 2nd thought after playing today while I was supposed to be working, this game has some issues on my Samsung Captivate.

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        hi palaro

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    This is sh*t…:(



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