PicToWord : Free Android Word Puzzle Game


PicToWord: A fun android word puzzle game suitable for all ages! Pictures as clues, words as the answer. Download it for free now!

Pic To Word Android Word Puzzle Game review

“Pictoword” is a simple picture puzzle with different levels, themes and topics. It is an “Android guess word from pictures” game wherein you get the clues from the two illustrated images, with given letters to fill the boxes, combine the two pictures to form one word and you got the answer! Every correct answer gives you two points equivalent to two coins.

There’s no big fuss playing the Pic to word game. Play the starter pack to earn coins and use it to unlock the desired level. The Classic level is a level with mixed-up topics. Use it to advance to the next theme when you earn enough coins.

The Easy level will costs you 180 coins, 280 for the Hard level and 480 to unlock the Extreme level. You can unlock whichever level you desire as long as you have enough coins. To earn coins, play the standard level and eventually use your coins to unlock the levels you want to play. Otherwise, users can also purchase coins by pressing the + sign on the top of your game screen. There is also a daily bonus which will earn you five coins per correct answer.

If in case you get confused, and you can’t figure out the answer, you can ask help from friends by sharing the current PicToWord puzzle to your social media accounts. You could also press the question mark (?) sign and options will pop out, you can make your choice but not for free. Each option has a price match, either you want to remove or reveal a letter, reveal the photos or skip the puzzle.

+ What’s attractive with PicToWord:

  • Colouful Themes, levels and topics
  • Easy to play

– What’s missing from PicToWord:

  • Lack of instructions to familiarize the user about the game. The game is easy to perceive for users who are tech-oriented, but for those who are new to puzzle games, it is a little unclear. A couple of puzzles to orient the user about the game will be better.
  • PicToWord claims that it supports a lot of languages, but the option to change the language is missing. As a multi-lingual user, I would have tried the game in Spanish or Greek to see how it works in different language.
  • FAQ and Help/Report a problem options. These options should also be on the game’s support page, not only on the developer’s website.

What do we expect on the next PicToWord update:

PicToWord could make it faster to show your points when you get the correct answer. It doesn’t need to be in a flash, but as it is now it takes longer than it should be. The sound makes it similar to the first version of “4Pics 1word”. PicToWord should have a distinct sound of its own. Although the current sound is good, we believe that friends at the KOOAPPS can make it livelier and a lot better. The background sound makes it more appealing to gamers.


Testing the game, I find it quite slow and thus I was bored. Going through the Classic level, I earned enough coins to unlock the topics which strike my interest. PicToWord soon changed my view on “Android Word Puzzle Game” and eventually enjoyed the game. However, these are my views, and it could be much different with yours. Nevertheless, PicToWord is a fun game suitable for all ages. This means that you can have quality time with your kids and elderly by playing the game together. A wholesome game for everyone deserves a try. Download it now and share the fun!