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Using PhotoVault (Hide Pictures) Android App you can easily secure pictures on android from unwanted access.

Today’s smart phones come with mega pixels camera with many features. That’s why you might be using your smartphone as a camera. You could be having personal photos that you don’t want to share with your friends, families or coworkers. In these cases, it is best to protect the photos by using an application that can hide your photos from prying eyes, so that they are visible only if you unlock.

If you are looking for an effective app to hide photos on Android then you can use PhotoVault.  PhotoVault will help you keep your private photos in your privacy space. It gives you the opportunity to make some invisible images stored on your phone. PhotoVault is so well photo hidden app, people do not even know that you have some hidden pictures on your device! Additionally, your hidden photos will not be shown in other apps. So, there’s no chance to even guess about the hidden photos.

PhotoVault Android app apk       PhotoVault Android download for Android

Your private pictures are protected and are accessible only by entering a password. To hide photos, just open your gallery, select the pictures you want to hide and then select share & pick PhotoVault to hide the photos. Therefore, to unlock the hidden pictures open PhotoVault and enter your password. Your hidden photos are now visible. Its management is extremely simple and intuitive so you will not have problems using PhotoVault.

Important: if you protect pictures and then decide to uninstall the application, remember to disable protection before uninstalling the software or your pictures will be invisible!

It is an excellent application for protecting photos hosted on your phone and prevent others prying to see. Get it from the widget below and protect your privacy (photo) on Android with PhotoVault.

PhotoVault was developed for Android by Pacific Software Solutions, Inc.
Package Name: PSS.PhotoVaultLT.apk

Download PhotoVault from Play store

Download PhotoVault Android apk latest version of PhotoVault (Hide Pictures) Android app from play store. There is both free and premium version available.

  • Krishna Kumar

    when downloading this file it shows it is affected one as “do u want it really “?? why its showing like this??

  • fred

    fails when trying to hide photos, says to try again, and i do, but it still wont work, need help, any suggestions?