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Access ANY XP or later Windows PCs from anyplace with Androids premium Remote app, using WIFI/3G! PhoneMyPC is a remote desktop connection software for Android Smartphone, with which you can control your PC from your Android phone.

PhoneMyPC Android       PhoneMyPC Android

PhoneMyPC for Android is a program to control the PC from your smartphone based on Android OS. With PhoneMyPC you can access the contents of your PC from your Smartphone at any time through WIFI or 3G connection. Operation and installation of this PC remote control Android app is very easy and intuitive. Only you need to install a small executable file on the PC and, of course, install the application on your Android phone. After that you have to set the user, the password and the name of the PC, both on the phone and the computer. If the connection is successfully performed, you will see the name of the PC on your Android device, tapping on it will display a menu with the different options for controlling the PC. An action bar will appear at the bottom of your Android smartphone or Tablet with which you can choose from: get cursor to manage on the computer like a mouse it were, to use the keyboard to type, change the screen, zoom, etc..

Fixes in PhoneMyPC v2.0.2.4 :
* [Right]click Ease
* Dropped sessions
* UI & Performance
Installation instruction:
First download the phonemypc apk file above and install on your Android Smartphone then you have to download the Pc client for your windows version. Download Phonemypc Windows 32bit Client here or Download Phonemypc Windows 64bit Client here

PhoneMyPC was developed for Android by SoftwareForMe Inc.
Package name : com.softwareforme.PhoneMyPC.apk
File size: 138KB

Download PhoneMyPC Android remote PC app apk v2.0.2.4
PhoneMyPC apk

Try the apk Above but The best thing to do is Download latest version of PhoneMyPC remote PC app for Android from Play Store for full featured app.


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