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PhoneLocator is a must have security app for Android users that enable users to retrieve their lost or stolen devices with the use of a complete set of advanced features and services. With PhoneLocator Pro Android you can easily find your lost or stolen phone, or track it down when it is on silent/vibrate mode !

PhoneLocator Pro Android security

The application allows users to locate and recover lost or stolen devices, auto-activated GPS (ROOT terminal), you can lock and delete data remotely and much more.. PhoneLocator Pro tracking and remote control services can be accessed online through the user’s account on developers website, or from any mobile device by texting the corresponding keywords to your android.

Now let me give you some example when you need to use PhoneLocator Pro Android.
Lost your Smartphone?
Send a text message to your phone with a custom word, and your phone will send you back the GPS position.
Left your phone on silent, and you can not find it ?
Send the custom word your phone will start ringing at maximum volume.
Want to know where are your kids ?
Set up your custom word & whenever you want to see where they are, send a text message with you word to their phone. You will receive back their position.
You can even set up the application to send you a number of messages when they move – so you will know if they leave a place, & where they are heading to.

Main features of PhoneLocator Pro:
* Notification if SIM card is changed
* Inserted SIM details
* Calls made or received by the thief
* Know who is calling you -if you forgot your phone at home
* Make your phone ring, even if it is on silent
* Email & sms alert

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PhoneLocator was developed for Android by RVO
Package name : com.rvo.apk
File size: 694KB

Download PhoneLocator Pro Android apk v1.05
PhoneLocator Pro apk

This is the older version of the app. To download the latest version of PhoneLocator Pro for Android head over to google play store.