Phone Schedule App for Smart Actions similar to Motorola Smartphones


Phone Schedule Android App allows to get done various type of task on your smartphone as scheduled.

It’s not easy to always stay on track with a busy schedule for the day and it has become a must to rely on our Android smartphone for certain tasks that we can be executed without a flaw. Phone Schedule is a highly efficient app for task automatisation which a must have for our busy life. Imagine you forgot to silent your phone before a meeting, or tun on the ringer volume in the morning and many more small tasks. Phone Scheduler will rescue you from plenty of such situation..


Using  Phone Schedule you can set your Android phone to perform various tasks according to a schedule that you specify. Owners of the Motorola RAZR already know what the Smart Actions are. These represent special features that Motorola has introduced in its certain smartphones types allowing full customization of the actions you can perform on the device, like activating and deactivation certain things at certain times of the day. Certain examples including the ability to launch an App as soon as you insert the headphone jack, set the ringer volume or turn on Wi-Fi automatically at times in which we are usually at home or in the office. Phone Schedule is a Play Store app that does all this and more, available for any Android version that has Eclair 2.1 or later installed.

Phone Schedule is very lightweight, apk file only 169kb in size, and is available for free to download. The tool allows you to set actions for different time such as brightness of the display night, the ringer, the activation and deactivation of the Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth. You can also set to launch applications after pre-emptive scheduling, you can set different ringtones for different times of the day or enable/disable airplane mode. The app’s interface is highly intuitive, something we don’t see very often with this type of apps. It supports multiple tasks at one time and runs in the background once the setup of tasks has been completed so there’s no need for manual rescheduling. The developers are also promising to increase the number of features with future updates.

Phone __Schedule

Pros of Phone Schedule Android App:

+ Highly configurable lists of tasks

+ Extensive list of supported actions

+ New feature for Mobile Data On/Off

Cons of Phone Schedule for Android:

– Runs in background and takes RAM

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