Download Penetrate Pro apk to Access secure WiFi on Android


Penetrate Pro apk Android app allows to decode and access a secure Wifi Network from Android.

Penetrate Android is a great handy app for to get access to the secure wifi network from Android Smartphone and Tablet devices. The app calculates WEP/WPA keys for some WiFi routers and lets you get access by using the password. Unlock WiFI with Penetrate Pro android app.

Let’s hack WiFi on your android device.

Penetrate Pro calculates WEP/WPA keys for various wireless routers such as Thomson, Discus, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, DLink, Eircom, BigPond, O2Wireless routers. The most recent version of the app comes with new features and can decode Thomson router with 3G lookup, extra dictionary not necessary to download.

Download Penetrate Pro apk for android

Note that some antivirus apps for android think Penetrate Pro as a virus because it is a security-related tool. Don’t panic as Penetrate pro wouldn’t affect the regular function of your phone.

How Penetrate Pro app works on Android:

  • Downloaded and install the app on your device, open it.
  • You will see an window showing aviavle wifi networks.
  • If you see a notification saying “Reversible: 0 found” it means you have to change the target.
  • Keep in mind that reversing Thomson routers requires a dictionary file or you can use mobile network 2G/3G connection for it.
  • Enable “Get keys from the web” by going to the settings menu. Once you got a reversible router, just tap on the network to get the WiFi Keys.
  • Touch the provided key to copy it then open wifi menu to apply the code to connect.
  • Penetrate Pro android app also got a manual search option where you can find keys for routers not listed in the main menu.

    Penetrate was developed for Android by Diogo Ferreira
    Package name : org.underdev.penetrate.apk
    File size: 158KB


    With great power comes great responsibilty. Use wisely this app, Hacking or cracking WiFI network is not something we recommend you to do. Use this app only for test purpose with permission from network owners. The app aimed to use in penetration testing to improve security setting for wireless networks.

    Router Keygen Apk to Generate WPA/WEP WiFI Password

    Penetrate Pro is a Free Android App. Since the app is no longer available on google play store you can Download Penetrate Pro apk from the link above found online. This is an old android app and may not work as expected for newer wireless routers.
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  • eduard

    sir, what are the insructions for this app?

  • choppy69

    Can anyone explain why this will not work on my ap when the program of the same nature (iwep pro) will work from my iphone? Penetrate gives me a totally different non working key?

  • rudy

    If you hesitate and do not want to share this app better you do not start it. useless if you share but also complicated for what ???????????????

  • rudy

    why should difficult to share knowledge about this. I have downloaded and installed all but still can not help explanation thank you @rudy_ojos

  • sloan

    For wpa/wpa2/wps use backtrack 5 simply google it. Ths app works on me.

  • christos

    very good

    • eduard

      did you succesfully run this app? can share the instruction to me?pls.?

  • demetris


    i have had the penetrate program for 3 years now and i was very happy with it i had it on the htc desire and now on the samsung galaxy s2 i9100 on the 2.3.4 android version was fine since i update to 4.0.3 it makes me a problem with the wifi some times it freezes and when i try to take a photo it say media scanning

    can you check pls if you can find what the problem is

    • george

      i have also the samsung galaxy s2 i9100 with the latest andoid version (ice cream)
      and it works just fine! download the penetrate pro and then the thomson dictionaries but the one with the 108mb cause there’s also one with 46mb (tested it abd doesn’t work).
      2 simple steps!
      1) install penetrate pro on your android phone and run it just to see that its working properly
      2) download the thomson dictionaries (zip. file or rar.) and all you have to do is
      a)connect your phone with your p.c
      b)open the “card” not the “phone”
      c)in the “card” just make a new folder with the name “Thomson”
      d)paste the zip. or rar. file of “thomson” dictionaries
      e)run the penetrate app.
      it should work just fine,hope it helps!

  • YukoWha

    Where can i download the dictionaries file?

  • ff

    This shit is a virus you dumb idiots

    • tommi

      you are an idiot…the file is not infected…it’s a penetration tool….like a password viewer on pc….some antivirus say : “Your file is infected” but the file is not….

    • Robin Jay Manarang

      Asshole did you read the description! It some antivirus think penetrate pro have a virus because of related protection!

  • venom

    my isp changed all the routers names from
    Thomson565656 to

    can you help me?
    maybe make an option to type the numbers by yourself?

  • Thomas

    I tryed to find the file called thompson on the sdcard but wasnt there any help where exactly to find it, i have a HTC Desire HD phone

  • Jon

    doesnt work. says all of the routers are not reversible. please help 🙁

    • muengas

      download the from the website and but the file in sdcard\thomson. thats all… run penetrate and have fun

      • Michael

        Phasing error. Could you explain this to me.

  • Sergis

    Guys anyone know how to put dictionaries to work????
    just the instruction!!! step b step!

  • John

    I have the same problem as lance, tells me to download dictionaries and when i do penetrate dosn’t recognise thats its there :/

  • lance

    I downloaded penetrate- which instructed me to download the thomson dictionary, which I did with the link. I copied it to my SD card but penetrate does’t seem to recognize it! Is there something that I am doing wrong?

  • evan

    But what instructions? i downloaded the dictioners and put the folder inside the phone.. and now- what should we do??

  • nix

    what about linksys, asus and cisco routers.

    my first post had the wrong e-mail


  • nix

    what about linksys, asus and cisco routers

  • wowowo

    are there some other softwares to crack the wifi password?

  • wowowo

    what is you email

  • Hugo

    Penetrate for Limo? Have something like this for Limo?

  • me

    i get an virus warning on android avg when installing from the market!!

  • anis

    what about liksys, sagem, 3com. could the software open this secured routers.???

  • Garri Garrincha

    What should I do with thomson.rar file… Where to extract and how can I use it ???
    “… follow the instructions inside” ???
    Thx !

    • admin

      yeah, follow the instruction

      • nando8191

        bonjour,pourriez-vous svp me fournir le fichier pénétrate et un tutoriel pour l’installer svp,car on ne le trouve plus sur le net .

        merci d’avance.


  • Corrigan

    Doesn’t work on a lot of popular routers.