Papaya Farm Android Download game v1.3


Papaya Farm is similar with Zyna’s Farmville. Papaya Farm for Android is a very addictive game where you produce your own commodities and animals grow and at the same time you can find others who can become your friends if you invite them. The game requires an internet connection.

Papaya Farm farming game for Android

First of all, when you start the game you must create an account, then you can start to play smoothly. The first time you start the game, you play a guideline each detailed introduction. Each step is shown as a separate pop-up window. The objective of the game is very simple, you will create and cultivate your own virtual farm meeting certain goals to make money. In Papaya Farm Android farming game you have some plots where planting different seeds that will bear fruit of all kinds. Grow vegetables and fruit, grow crops.  These fruits can sell as is, or process them to make more money. For example, you make less money selling corn to use an oven to make popcorn, you get more money. You can also raise animals, water and feed them.

In addition, you can invite your friends to play, and you can go to their farms, to planting, watering, harvesting, etc. Also the friends you have in the game can help you to improve yourself sending deserts or animal products. It is a simple but fun game, perfect to hang out with your Android powered device. You will also have a world ranking which lists the most money you have.

I love this awesome and fantastic farming game. You can live your own agricultural world and creating the finest farms in the land.

Papaya Farm was developed for Android by Papaya Mobile Inc.
Package name : com.papaya.papayaandroidfarm.apk
File size: 3.16MB

Download Papaya Farm Android game

Get the latest version of this farming game for Android from Play Store. The game has two version. Both are free.