PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper Download v1.2

Here we brings you PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper for Android, something special! It is a great wallpaper for your android device, which will make your desktop original, beautiful and unique. Through this program, you can set any photo and image on the screen of your Android device, adding some effects to it.

PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper Android

If you want to have beautiful animated wallpaper on your Android screen, then Pano Planet Live Wallpaper is only suitable for you! So far one of the best Android live wallpaper apps available in the market. A unique, colorful and unusual animated panoramic wallpapers that are well embellish the screen of your Android-powered devices. PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper for Android features 360° panoramic effects for your Android smartphone Live wallpaper, with the ability to change the viewing angle. You can put any image from SD card get a nice wallpaper with some great features. The program is able to react to touch, slide your finger pinching. Try it and you’ll see that it’s very exciting. The program has many settings that you can adjust the picture quality, just select the operating background, order a picture from the server, adjust effects and the speed of the rotation.
Rotation modes :
- touch
- desktop slide
- sensors
Zoom in and zoom out to go from the classic VR view to the little planet view
Watch the video guide of PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper:


PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper for Android was developed by jfreu
Package Name: PanoPlanetLive.apk

Ok, now get PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper for your Android and Don’t Forget to share this page.
Download PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper v1.2:
PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper apk
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