Original Flurry Live Wallpaper Download v0.7

With  Original Flurry Live Wallpaper for Android make your iPhone friends jealous! Gorgeous mac osx style flurry live wallpaper naively rendered on your phone, no videos here! Settings allow for full customization of all rendering features.

Original Flurry Android Live Wallpaper

Stylish living wallpaper for multiple desktops on your Android phone. Beautiful Live Wallpaper in the style of Mac OS messed with flowing lines that are generated in real time. Thanks to various settings, the user can customize it to his taste. Original Flurry Live Android Wallpaper is an animated wallpaper for your Android home screen. It shows various visual effects, with beams of light that can move from one side to the other. The application can still use the motion sensor of Android to react every time you move into your device. A beautiful and elegant visual screen of Android.

Animated live wallpaper Original Flurry fit phone owners who love stylish dark tone, smooth unobtrusive movement. Wallpaper Original Flurry Live Wallpapers for Android give your Android terminal stylishness, just wonderful! Make your phone a stylish decorating device with these stylish animated wallpaper.

Some key features:

  • Up to 5 flurrys up on the screen, each with their own custom color!
  • You can select any image from your phone gallery and set it as background behind flurry.
  • You can choose your own custom color.
  • Stream Count – One or more particle streams per flurry.
  • You can control the brightness or dimness of flurry.
  • Particle Speed – Speed of particles traveling

To Open: Long Press or settings Key on Home screen -> Menu ->Background ->Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers. All handsets support the live wallpapers. Settings allow full customization of all rendering features.

Original Flurry Live Wallpaper was developed for Android by PopBox Studio
Package name: com.popbox.flurry.v0.7.apk
File size: 94KB

Download Original Flurry Live Wallpaper v0.7
Original Flurry Live Wallpaper android apk
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