One-click Root for G2 (VISIONary temporary root solution)

As we know already T-Mobile’s G2 comes with a microchips which will not allow you to permanently Root your G2. If you force to do so , the devices will re-install the system to the default Android 2.2 But if you are looking for a solution which could help you to Root G2 for temporarily then here we go with VISIONary One Click Root for G2. All you need to do is just install the VISIONary app then a simple click and you are Root for a period of time. The Root will be lost and revert to default every time the phone restarted.

VISIONary One-Click root for G2

Developers are playing with G2 to get a way around for Permanent solution. Hope soon we will see something which will allow to Root G2 permanently. For now to Download VISIONary One-Click and instruction proceed to Modaco.