Ninja Fishing for Android Combined Fishing + Fruit Ninja, Download Now


If you love fishing and did like to play Fruit Ninja Android game then you should Download Ninja Finish for Android.

Fruit Ninja is one of the oldest Android game which most Android users choose to play every once in a while. For the veterans among Android users, the game titles on play Store is big enough to cover everyone’s needs but few are given same extent as we can experience with mentioned title. Fortunately the developer’s imagination never seizes to amaze thus Ninja Fishing for Android was born.

Ninja Fishing for Android

You can get an idea about Ninja Fishing for Android by the naming.  But note that it is by no means another Fruit Ninja clone. With Ninja Fishing you will benefit from much more extended basic gameplay and it succeeds to capture the gamer’s attention and attract long-term motivation. Even when you first start the game you will notice that Ninja Fishing based on the gameplay of Fruit Ninja but in this case it has not made any further improvements. The game offers various game worlds to play. While there are only two selectable options, these will give several hours of gameplay. The fundamental difference between the great model and Ninja Fishing is the unique feature of today’s test candidate: The Fishing!

At soon as a match start, we see our – somewhat overweight – ninja armed with a fishing rod. With a looser spell on his lips, he then throws on our whistle, from his tail, and the first part of the game begins. In the following seconds, you now want to hook the hook – as far as possible – to the fish appearing that you have to maneuver past. The maximum depth of the lake is very limited at the beginning. The game has limitation for maximum catch, which was set to 25 fish.

When first 25 fish caught the slicing job begins. The fish then tossed gleefully into the air – and you are now going to swipe and slice on your device’s screen. The special thing about Ninja Fishing is that it has always been lacking in Fruit Ninja is the persistence of the various fish. To put it plainly, more valuable fish needs more “hits” to be transported to afterlife. Gold coins can be earned and the game leads into purchasing of (fishing) licenses. There you can equip our Ninja with various improvements and notice why the developers have integrated these various limitations. You can purchase the ability to go to a higher maximum depth and also buy upgrades. All these improvements will lead to catch more fish and you can gradually increase your high score. The score shareable with Open Feint, Facebook and Twitter.


Pros of Ninja Fishing for Android:

+ Exciting gameplay

+ Good HD graphics and sound

+ Achievements & Leaderboards

Cons of Ninja Fishing:

– At times laggy

Download Ninja Fishing for Android for free by hitting the review widget below.