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New Android Games just released

On this page you will find the best titles chosen from most recent Android Games just arrived on Google Play store. Discovering the high quality andorid games from recently released titles is not an easy task since there are hundreds of games being released each day. We are here to help you. Based on users review, social network discussion and other important facts our staffs hand pick these games.

Let’s checkout some of the new android games worth downloading.

new android games - TAP SPORTS BASEBALL


Tap Sports Baseball is a real Baseball Strategy game for Android, featuring real players from the big leagues! Choose your ultimate baseball team and challenge your friends or other players around the globe to experience a complete baseball game. The game features simple one touch controls, stunning visual graphics, exciting homeruns and deep stats. The game is perfect for both casual fans and hardcore stat addicts. Are you ready?

Download TAP SPORTS BASEBALL Here (Free)

new android game Incoming

Incoming! Goblins Attack TD

Incoming! Goblins Attack is a tower defense style game for Android with a cool 3D comic graphics, in which the mission is to avoid the fearsome creatures known as goblins invade your town, killing its people and destroying the kingdom. The game provides a series of towers, including buildings that shoot arrows, throw cannonballs, cast spells and other weapons to defend your hometown. Also, you can use mines and devastating to stop the advance of enemy troops spells. The game contains 160 levels spread over four different worlds that are composed of green forests, swamps, icy mountains, and the fiery depths of a volcano, all displayed in 3D graphics with the ability to zoom -in.

Download Incoming! Goblins Attack Here (Free)

DRAGON QUEST IV - android game of the week


Dragon Quest IV for Android is the mobile reimagining of a classic Japanese role-playing game. The game will provide a unique adventure divided into five chapters, each starring different characters, in which you will learn new characters and exploring new scenarios, chapters that will last about 40 hours of play -duration more than decent for a mobile game- and unlock additional if you complete a final chapter. This epic adventure allows you to chat with your companions at any time, has 360 degree views, climb cars, train your colleagues to fight automatically and play in the casino.

Download DRAGON QUEST IV Here ($14.66)

new android game - Skulls of the Shogun

Skulls of the Shogun

Crush your enemies and eat their skulls. Skulls of the Shogun for Android is a game of strategy based on fast paced shifts, where you will be playing as general Akamato in his afterlife. In the game you will have to lead an Army and wipe off all the demons, and must eat their skulls that will restore your health and power. The game features two game modes (single and multiplayer) to play, hand drawing graphics, striking visuals and a compelling story.

Download Skulls of the Shogun Here ($1.99)

Brave Guardians android game

Brave Guardians

Brave Guardians is a FREE tower defense Android game with 3D graphics and classic gameplay, in which you will have to protect your world from the enemy forces. The game features 4 characters each with specific skills that are essential in the defense, two game modes (Guardian and Campaign), over 22 levels with different unique and beautiful 3D environments and four different worlds as are the forest, desert, winter or lava. Now it’s up to you to prepare to undertake an epic journey to defend your world against nasty creatures.

Download Brave Guardians Android Game (FREE)

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