New Android Apps – AppGratis, Paul, Clutch & 7 More


Welcome back to another round of best free android apps of the week. Checkout our discovery of New Android Apps, download them and explore your devices. This week we got some really cool android apps. No more blah blah, let’s get down to the business.

10 New Android Apps to download this week:


AppGratis android app free - New Android Apps

One of the most popular iOS app finally on Android. AppGratis offers daily free apps plus discounts up to 90% off. A great tool to discover best free android apps. It also brings Frequent free “freemium giveaways” like free in-app purchases, level unlocks, and other cool stuff you would normally have to pay for.


new android apps - google hangouts

This week Google launches a standalone app for Google+ Hangouts (replaces Talk). Along with standard chat service the app offers  an ongoing hangout with a group of friends for days or months where they can chat, send photos, emoji, and join group video calls for free. This is a good idea for a continue discussion where you can left a session and catch again later.


Google Play All Access

Google Play All nusic Access service

Finally Google are serious about music discovery service as the company just launched its music steaming service like Spotify and Pandora. The redesigned Google Play Music app give users access to millions of songs to listen without owning them. The service initially cost $7.99-a-month sunscription fee which seems better than others in market.




We are all lazy to do our workouts regularly. So, how about motivating ourself a little with this cool app called GymPact – Reward your workout. The app offers friendly wager to keep you doing your workouts. Just download the app,set up how many days you will commit to exercise each week, then each time you go to gym check via the app to keep proof that you are doing it. The app also allows to import your running/biking activities with RunKeeper. A cool app to keep yourself fit.



SoundCloud android music streaming app

Another music oriented app that allows to listen tracks from the world’s largest community of musicians, bands, producers and audio creators of all types. The social music service offer free music streaming without any monthly subscription plan or any ads.

Contactive – Free Caller ID

Contactive - Free Caller ID  android app

Contactive enhance the functionally of your address book with the information gathered from internet. It pulls data from public profile on social network sources and their own directory to show a profile of callers. A good app to know who is calling you and what they doing before even answer the call.



Schemes - Scheduled Networking app

If you are looking for an app to send scheduled messages than Schemes – Scheduled Networking is for you. Don’t get in embarrassing situation by forgetting someone’s birthday or an anniversary.


PAUL the app for android

The ultimate app for videos from your favorite sources like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Vevo, CNN, Flixter and more. Videos will be loaded while you are on WiFi then allows you to watch offline whenever you want without  any buffering. The app will learns your preferences and creates your personalized profile to preload the videos and songs you want BEFORE you even look for them.



Clutch shopping app for android

Your all-in-one shopping app. Integrated with a payment system Clutch offers aily deals, trending and hot products, shopping searches, personalized collections, price comparisons and gifting – in one single place. All you just need to do is chose the right product, buy with a few tips and send anywhere.


WeatherSignal android app

Your mobile weather station to checkout as soon as you wake up. Using the censors inside your phone it turns your phone into a weather station to gather  local atmospheric readings then displayed on live-updating weather map. You are also playing vital role in the crowd-sourcing project to record weather pattern in different places around the world.


We are glad that this week we found some of the best quality android apps for you. Enjoy them and let us know your favorite apps which we should have included in this list.