The Best Free New Android Apps of the Week


Our weekly Android apps wrap up to help you find the best new android apps of the week.

Welcome back to another round of best free android apps of the week. Checkout our discovery of New Android Apps, download them and explore your devices. This week we got some really cool android apps and a few apps specially made for Android wear. No more blah blah, let’s get down to the business.

Let’s checkout the 10 New Android Apps to download this week:

Swipify-Multitasker & Launcher

Swipify is a multitasker and launcher app for Android Wear. One of the biggest problems of Android Wear is that there is no multitasking mechanism, ie, you can not jump between applications like you do on your phone. That’s where Swipify becomes a perfect solution for Android smartphone users, enabling you to just slide your finger from the right side of your screen toward the center clock to switch applications. You can open the menu of apps quickly by a simple gesture. It also functions as a launcher, and adds the ability to control the screen brightness.

Download Swipify Here (Free)

Callistics – Call statistics

Callistics - Call statistics - best free new android apps

Callistics is a calls and message tracking app and is essential for anyone who wants to control the consumer phone line, this app allows for greater control over the calls you make and the data plan, which does not exceed the limit and not have to pay more than you owe. This app will allow you to save money.

Download Callistics Here (Free)

Atlas Web Browser (BETA)

Atlas Web Browser (BETA) for android

Atlas is a lightweight web browser app for Android that comes with some unique features that make it an excellent alternative to use on your devices. It has not only the features and speed that should appear in any browser, but also has some other functional details that can take well to search between pages in a much more effective way. In terms of features the application is able to block advertisements, compress web pages and save battery power by turning off and visit Javascript pages.

Download Atlas Web Browser Here (Free)


NPR One app for android

NPR One for Android is an audio app that connects you with a stream of public radio news and stories created for you and you will be aware of the most important news through the program. Great storytelling and rigorous reporting that informs, engages, inspires and surprises available for you whenever, wherever. This application is very interesting if you like to know the issues of the moment.

Download NPR One Here (Free)

Ovia Pregnancy Guide

Ovia Pregnancy Guide app for android

Ovia Pregnancy Guide is an application designed for mothers, and it functions as if it will be a personal doctor without becoming one of everything. May be a helpful app for pregnant women or mothers where you can find feeding recommendations, questions and answers, monitoring your baby’s development, and as a symptoms remedy and even be able to know an approximate date of birth, all that and more.

Download Ovia Pregnancy Guide Here (Free)


lettrs android app

lettrs is a great application for Android that allows among other things to create and customize digital cards, so you can send a message to your partner or loved ones, it feels like to receive a handwritten letter. Write a text, put a background or theme and choose a letter crafted to give the impression that it was written by your own hand. You can also attach pictures to the letter, so its use is still more interesting.

Download lettrs Here (Free)

Digify – Share Files Privately

Digify is a free and secure private file sending service with which you can send messages to your contacts, but with a very important addition, is a commitment to the privacy of a very high level. Primary purpose of the program is to share files privately that will destroy automatically after a certain period of time. As simple as creating a message, add the files you want (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images in various formats), add a recipient and schedule time for self-destruction.

Download Digify Here (Free)

Tesla Command for Android Wear

The application Tesla Command for Android Wear lets you control different options of Tesla Model S electric car with any smart watch running Android Wear OS. The app allows the user to perform some basic functions of the Model S Tesla from a distance, such as close the doors and roof, activate the alarm with just one tap.

Download Tesla Command Here (Free)

Wear Apps Tracker

By installing Wear Apps Tracker for your Android smartwatch you’ll get a notification on your device stream every time you install, remove or update an app for your smart watch. You must start the app on your smartwatch once it’s installed. It’s just required after first installation.

Download Wear Apps Tracker Here (Free)

We are glad that this week we found some of the best quality android apps for you. Enjoy them and let us know your favorite apps which we should have included in this list.