MyPhoneExplorer Android Sync App to Sync, Browse and Backup with PC


Most of us badly feel the lack of an official Android Sync App. MyPhoneExplorer Client is a very good Free Sync Tool for Android which you should Download.

It’s not hard to realize that managing our smartphone data through a dedicated PC interface is much more convenient than using the device’s small screen. Some manufacturer does provide their own solution but there is no official tool such as iTunes for iPhone.

MyPhoneExplorer Android Sync App

Originally developed for Sony Ericsson phones, MyPhoneExplorer Client is now one of most popular smartphome management software for android. The app also supports other smartphones, with the number reaching past 30 models. It is available and working on many devices such as  Samsung Galaxy S/ S II , the HTC Desire and the Motorola Milestone . A complete list of supporting Android devices can be found on the developer forum.

For the app to work, the software client must be installed on the PC. Next, from the Play Store you have to download and install MyPhoneExplorer app. The connection can be established either via WiFi, if the devices are in the same network, or via USB cable. If you find yourself puzzled by the large number of options, you can always hit F1 and read the help menu.

MyPhoneExplorer works comfortably with your contacts, call logs, appointments, tasks, notes and as well as SMS text messages, applications and data from the phone’s internal memory and on the SD card, storing them if you so wish on the hard drive of your PC. Appointments and contacts can be easily created and managed with the help of the PC’s keyboard and mouse. The data will then be synchronized with your phone.

MyPhoneExplorer is also compatible with Outlook, the Windows Address Book, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Lotus Notes. It also enables the app to manage your entire SMS traffic on the computer, answer messages, forward, print or archive for safe storage. Installed applications, photos and music can be exported to a directory of your choosing on your hard drive. MyPhoneExplorer also gathers detailed information about battery performance, CPU usage and memory consumption of the phone.

PROS of MyPhoneExplorer for Android

+ Provides and extensive number of options

+ Sync Android with Microsoft Outlook

+ Easy to understand interface

+ Works with Outlook, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Lotus Notes etc.

CONS of MyPhoneExplorer

– Somewhat limited support for devices

Download MyPhoneExplorer Android client by hitting the widget below. The software client for PC can be download for free.

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  • gamma

    I can’t translate that page for devices 🙁

  • gamma

    I can’t translate that page for devices 🙁