Must Have Android Games on Play Store from Last Week


Which Games you should Download from latest releases on Play Store? Checkout our Must Have Android Games list.

must have android games for your android

It has been another week with new arrivals on the Play Store to satisfy the needs of all mobile gamers out there. This week’s titles will keep you staring at your smartphone’s screen for hours. At least until we write the next list of top free Android games. Let’s see what are the best titles for today.

Royal Revolt 2

Download Royal Revolt 2
The second installment of the Royal Revolt, a multiplayer strategy game for Android. Royal Revolt 2 comes with many new features and better graphics, in which you’ll have to design your own battlefield, building your castle and defense towers, and, of course, fight against players from around the world. You’ll have to conquer the kingdoms of other players around the world and defend your castle to become the only king of Royal Revolt 2. To do this you must improve your troops, spells and buildings.


A new installment of the famous war game Frontline Commando. Frontline Commando 2 for Android offers new levels in which you must recruit mercenaries to lead the best squad in the battlefield both in campaign mode and online Player vs. Player mode. The game features 40 new missions and 13 challenges with 65 possible unique squad members, among whom are doctors, snipers, and many other shooters and seven battlefields to wage the war.

Smash Hit

Download Smash Hit
Smash Hit is a funny game in which the rhythm of the music travels through the halls of a mystical dimension while throwing steel balls that are going to destroy different objects and obstacles that you encounter along the way. The goal is to travel the longest distance to run out of balls to throw. You can get extra balls by breaking glass pyramids. A game where you get to test your aim. The game boasts with over 50 different graphic styles with eleven rooms.

Top Gear : Race the Stig

Top Gear Race the Stig android game
Download Top Gear
The gameplay is pretty much like the Subway Surfer, here you’ll be in a car and your goal is to run without the possibility to stop dodging the obstacles which are coming along the way and collecting the most coins. Dodge the traffic, jump on the caravan and darts in an epic race that will push you to the limit in the head-to-head against Stig.


Download Swordigo
Run, jump and fight your way through a vast world full of monsters, treasures, towns and dungeons. In this game you must combine your ability to jump platforms and skill with your sword to defeat all enemies that dare to stand in your way. Gain experience and level up your character.


Download QuizUp
Join over 10 million people around the world who play and love QuizUp! Challenge your friends and connect with other players around the world in this real-time trivia game with a focus on head-to-head multiplayer. Go head to head with over 200,000 questions in over 400 topics, ranging from your favorite TV shows and books to sports and music.

Caveboy Escape

Download Caveboy Escape
Caveboy Escape is an excellent puzzle game combining intelligence / logic, match3 and mazes, in which you will have to find the right path in order to take your little hero to the exit. The idea is to escape the increasingly complex scenarios combining three pieces at a time to trace the route of escape. But beware! The clock is ticking and time is running out. Some outlets even require keys to unlock. Graphically, the game has some very well-designed graphics and more accurate colors.

These are the must have android games we’ve chosen for this week. For nore top free android games you should also visit our weekly andorid gaming round up here.