Must Have 10 Free Android Apps of the Week


Your Must Have Free Android Apps of the Week. Download Them now!

With so many highly useful free applications available on google playstore it’s a great time to be an avid Android user. Here are the 10 Free Android Applications from last week you should get on your device:

Let’s download the 10 free android apps of the week.

Microsoft Excel Preview - android apps of the week

Microsoft Excel Preview

8.6Microsoft Excel Preview is an Android tablet version of renowned spreadsheet program from Microsoft. With it, you can create new documents and open existing items directly on your mobile device, allowing lead the application to be used when it is most needed and anywhere.

Download Microsoft Excel Preview here (Free)

Microsoft PowerPoint Preview android app

Microsoft PowerPoint Preview

8.4Microsoft PowerPoint Preview is an Android tablet version of the traditional Microsoft slideshows program. With it, you can create documents or even edit those previously assembled, but all from your mobile device and where needed.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint Preview here (Free)

Microsoft Word for android

Microsoft Word Preview

8.6The famous Microsoft word processor is now in its version for Android tablet devices. So no longer need to wait until you’re at your computer to edit your documents because you can do that directly from your Android tablet device. Word has the familiar Office look and feel along with an intuitive touch experience, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Download Microsoft Word Preview here (Free)

Bluenote - notes and lists app for android

Bluenote – notes and lists

8.2Bluenote is a modern, minimalist yet powerful app for creating lists and save notes. You can add shopping lists, recipes, addresses, little reminders, to-do lists with date and more! Use tags to organize everything and make it easier to find what you need. It has colorful and minimalist look of Material Design, and you can choose a tone for each type of entry.

Download Bluenote – notes and lists here (Free)

Power Button FlashLight /Torch app for android

Power Button FlashLight /Torch

8.0Power Button Flashlight is a completely competent flashlight app that allows you to quickly access torch on your phone, pressing the power button three times when the phone is off, and four times when it is on. This app will help you quickly access torch of your phone when you need quickly.

Download Power Button Torch here (Free)

Under Armour Record android app

Under Armour Record

8.2Under Armour Record is a new social network dedicated to athletes. The purpose of this service is to give the best possible experience for athletes from around the world. Like other apps of this style, it will monitor your steps, your dream, the calories you burn, your heart rate and weight. It also lets you invite up to 20 friends to compete against them in challenges of physical activity and health. Through the app you’ll find a way to quantify motivate yourselves to fulfill your objectives.

Download Under Armour Record here (Free)

Coffee Meets Bagel android app

Coffee Meets Bagel

7.2Meet suitors in the palm of your hand with the Coffee Meets Bagel Android app. Coffee Meets Bagel is an online dating service that will help you to meet new people around you and make meaningful relationships. You must be 17 years old to download this application.

Download Coffee Meets Bagel here (Free)

Little TV - App & Watch Face android app

Little TV – App & Watch Face

7.8Little TV is an application of the most interesting animated GIFs that allows you to add animated FIF to the sphere of your clock with Android Wear. This app offers different thematic channels like fails, videogames or nature; so that you’ll see change on your clock screen each time you look, offering a different animation.

Download Little TV – App & Watch Face here (Free)

HeartSync app for android smartwatch


9.0HeartSync uses your Android Wear device’s heart rate monitor to track your heart rate, then updates Google Fit automatically.

Download HeartSync here (Free)

Keep downloading the newest android applications and share your favorite ones with us using the discussion form below. For more top lists see our weekly android app roundups.