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Musical Pro is an application that can play numerous instruments on the touch screen of your device as if it were a real keyboard.

Play your favorite tune on your Android Phone with Musical pro Application. Musical Pro is a pocket toolkit that includes everything you need to be musical on the go. This application, which allows you to play classical music songs, is very useful for musicians, composers, singers, artists and people who just love music.

Musical Pro apk

In this application we can find different instruments to make and play our favorite tune. You can choose from such as the piano, drums, harmonica, harp and many others to make your tune and enjoy it on your Android device be it a phone or a tablet (most recommended a tablet, by the sheer size of the screen).

Musical Pro for Android is one of the best music applications in Android Market. The application offers many options for all types of instruments, including the drum section, with eight percussion pads with which we can imitate the sound of a battery. We unleash our creativity by recording the songs that happen to us, practicing with the metronome or tune any instrument.

Whether you are a musician or not you can try Musical Pro. Musical Pro, playing well-known pieces in the piano, is might be a good app to download for your Android device, from the simplest to more complicate. Similarly, for those who already have a keyboard, you can also use this application with the option Wireless MIDI.

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  • augenblick

    Old beta version.
    4.5 is the latest…