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Musical Pro is a musical application for android that will turn your phone into a piano or musical keyboard, in order to create our melodies.

Create and play music on your Android device on the go via Musical Pro, a pocket toolkit that allows us to use our creativity to create all sorts of tunes that we can use later.

Musical Pro

If you are one of those who love music and have some sort of creativity in making tunes then Musical Pro, a pocket toolkit for people who love music, is for you. Musical Pro for Android is one of the best Android Musical applications in the market for people who love music. It includes everything you need to be musical on the go. The application is very simple to use. The application shows us that we can tap to produce sounds and also supports multitouch, ie you can press multiple keys at once. You can find different musical instruments you can choose from such as the piano, drums, harmonica, harp and many others. With these virtual instruments you can make your own tunes that are playing on your mind and enjoy it on your Androoid device whether it is a phone or tablet pc. The app gives us the ability (by pressing the Menu key) to record the created melody and then play it, and even save it to play through headphones or modify it later in the pc. The application is Very useful toolkit if you are a musician or music you like and it comes to mind a melody to try at that time. It also will help learners to pianists or keyboard players having to fill dead moments with your mobile phone.

An application that will appeal to both experienced and musicians and anyone who is curious about tinkering with a virtual keyboard.

NOTE: If you have currently installed Musical Pro on your phone remove it before install this version
Musical Pro was developed for Android by Christopher Souvey
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Download Musical Pro apk Android v4.5
Musical Pro android apk
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