Music Mate Android Download app v3.1.0 search and download mp3


Music Mate is an easy to use app for Android Phone and Devices to Search and Download Mp3 Music n a simple interface. Music Mate Download Mp3 Songs for Android from public domain via public search engines, all are free!

Download Music Mate Android App      Screenshot of Music Mate Android App

Music Mate Android app Features:
– Tons of free quality mp3 music
– Various music charts
– Set as ringtone, alarm, notification
– Compatible music player with album

Music Mate was developed for Android by Hades Lab
Package name :
File size: 576KB

Download Music Mate Android App v3.1.0
Music Mate Android apk

Music Mate is a Free Android App. Download Music Mate from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
  • Noyoyo

    Does anyone know what happened to this? i have the icon on my Thundercloud but it has stopped working. I can’t even load the icon on this page with the bar code reader.

  • patrick

    Click on download apk file than when goes to page click the icon that says download media fire it will automatically take u to music mate and download it

    • Joy

      Thank you patrick.I love this app and you are an angel for telling us how to get it. 🙂

      • patrick

        Your very welcome I love this app to to bad they don’t put it back on android

  • mrs.king

    What’s up wit not being able to download this app music mate I love this app lost it when I drop and broke my phone I want it back. It’s not in the market any more. Can anybody help me find it and tell me how to download it again.

  • Martin

    I have been trying to find Music Mate. I really enjoyed the app and would like to get it again with my newer phone. Why is the Droid market a pain for this. I just want to use it and tell my friends without going through a bunch of crazy media web site junand email log in sh.

  • Margaret

    I had music mate but when my cell phone had to be rebooted I lost the application and all my downloaded music. So far this site won’t let me install music mate. Can you help as well as to be able to retrieve my library of music?

    • sk21

      Is it the same phone? or… The MusicMate version I am using just tried to install an update… I did not install it. Maybe the update is no longer compatible with your phone???

  • jazlin

    Music mate

  • erwin


    Is this 1 for the blackberry 2?


    • LJ

      I change phones and i can’t download the app anymore. Help!