Multitasking on Android just got Better with Switchr App


Now This is An App to Revolutionize Multitasking on Android. Download Switchr for Android While its HOT!

Even though Google is doing a great job when it comes to improving our favorite mobile OS – Android, there are developers out there that have proven their potential for doing that on their own not only once. One perfect example comes from  Mohammad Adib – developer behind another great simple app called Roundr.

Multitasking on Android

Multitasking on Android has been greatly improved with the launch of OS version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It introduced a dedicated button for switching previously opened apps and greatly improved the overall user experience. That does not mean there isn’t room for more. Especially when it comes to a mobile OS users are always demanding new features. Some of these new ways of interacting with the device come from great developers, such as the one behind what has been named Switchr.


Switchr is yet in Beta form though set for first stable release only 2-3 days from now (October 20th). It hopes to revolutionize the way users perceive multitasking on Android, by way of combining intuitive gestures and great speed and smoothness. All the user has to do, as you can judge for yourselves by looking at the images, is swipe from the side of the screen to access a list of previously used apps. The app can be set to auto-start on boot and can be configured in terms of swipe area size, position and even vibration. The 20th of October is not at all that far when Switchr will be available on google play store.

For now download the app directly as switcher beta apk and give it a try on your Android.

We promise a full review and to let you know as soon as Switchr hits the Play Store. For now keep following us for other great apps worth checking out.

  • Asad Zaman Khan

    Thanks for sharing, good to know that going to download it now 😀