MoveToSD Android Download, Easily move installed Apps to SD card


For those mid-range Android smartphone owners, internal memory is a big issue since most of these mid-range or entry level devices comes with a limited storage capacity. In a result users can’t install a lot of apps and require to remove old apps in order to install new one. To get rid of this problem users need to be able to install applications on external SD Card memory. MoveToSD Android Application exactly does this without any hassle.

MoveToSD tools for Android allows you fast and easy move installed apps to/from SD Card. Never run of Memory on your Android Device for Apps. Download MoveToSD Android app and move your Android Apps to SD Card. MoveToSD Android app works on Android 2.2 Froyo or Higher.

MoveToSD Android App         Downlaod MoveToSD Android App

MoveToSD app for Android was developed by CurveFish
Package Name: com.curvefish.apps.movetosd-1.apk
File size: 116KB

Downlaod MoveToSD Android App v1.0
MoveToSD android apk

  • AKS

    Do you have OR can you guide me how to move installed apps from android phone memory to SD card. The Android phone I have is with 2.1 (Eclair).
    Thank you & regards

  • Rangers

    Well i a always having internal storage issues even with half my apps on storage my internal storage stay’s full. About 170 apps but with app2sd seem i would never see space issues. This program is useful but still caches info in internal memory as any other app2sd program. EVO 2.2 So Win and lose situation.

  • Adolfo

    Is there an app like this that would run on a rooted 2.1 Milestone??

    • Oscar (Singapore)

      Hi Adolfo, may I ask how did you root your Milestone. I’m currently from Singapore & I want to Root my Milestone very eagerly. May I know how did you Root your phone and which software or program you using? & which country are you from? (: I’m currently using the Asia’s Milestone which is running 2.1

  • Mr Center

    The Captivate on AT&T is still running Android 2.1 I really need to move apps to SD. We really need an update.

  • Jaymoon

    Um, there is a HUGE reason to use this app. I have well over 100 apps installed. Ever tried going through the applications list one by one to check to see if you can even move them to SD? It takes forever!

    This app *only* shows the apps you can move to SD. Quite the time-saver to me, so thank you for a useful upload!

  • naeem

    why would you need this, if froyo 2.2 can already move apps to sd card

  • Barrabas

    Useless.. it’s just doing what android can do without any program..