How to Move Android Game Data to SD Card with GL to SD


With GL to SD App you will be able to move Android Game Data on SD card to free up internal memory on your Android Phone.

There are plenty games which comes with a large amount of game data. Specially Gameloft Games are something of a trend these days with everyone wanting a taste of the action-packed, graphics intense titles. On the down side the games take a lot of free space from the internal memory, leaving with few storage options. Fortunately, there is a way to Move Game Data to SD Card on Android.

How to Move Android Game Data to SD Card

The app called GL to SD comes from developer tnslf2k. It is designed for rooted users only and which allows moving big titles in Gameloft’s offer to external storage SD card. The app also works with other games such as Gun Bros or Dungeon Hunter and it applies to almost any Gameloft game launched.

The user interface for the app is clean-looking, intuitive and with a modern look. The developer has also included the options to customize it any way you see fit. The app can even work with some non-Gameloft games, if the data stored is big enough and you have the option enabeled in the settings menu. Again on the down side, GL to SD has only been tested on a few smartphones and versions of Android so it may not work on a number of devices. If you got a rooted device then it is an option to consider and give a shot.


PROS of GL to SD for Android:

+ Moves hundreds of MB of data

+ Clean looking customizable UI

+ Offerd for free

CONS of GL to SD:

– Works with a limited number of devices

– Does not work with CyanogenMod 10.1

Get GL to SD by hitting the widget below.

Download GL to SD(root) Android app for free from the widget below.


  • avinash

    not working. i moved gta vice city..and when i start, a black screen appears. when i checked my space,then i found that 1.4gb is used in my internal memory while only 228 mb is used after moving on my external sd!!

  • GalaxySIII

    I have CM 10.1 and i dont want to go back to anything else but gl to sd doesnt work 🙁
    hope someone does something 🙂

  • androidever

    essential app thanks for share