Motorola Xoom gets 1 click Root/Unroot and Overclocked to 1.5GHz

Motorola Xoom easy one click rootGot your Motorola Xoom? Want to get the most out of your powerful Honeycomb Tablet? Without any doubt you have to root your Motorla Xoom to be able to get access to install root apps and much more things, even overclocked to run at higher speed. As usual it comes from Xda community, developer Jason Tyler and his team mates present us the easiest one click root method for Motorola Xoom.
Motorola Xoom gets 1 click Root Unroot
This including one click Unlock/Root, UnRoot/Relock, HRI66 update one click, Tiamat Overclock/Stock kernel one clicks. The root method work flawlessly on 3G Xoom model, though slight issue in WiFi version Xoom.
Motorola Xoom gets 1 click Root Unroot

Motorola Xoom gets 1 click Root Unroot

Cory Gunther over Androidcommunity posted a details guide for 1-Click-Root and overclock. Necessary packages and drivers can be download Too! Let’s talk about overclocking your Motorola Xoom to run at a higher speed. With a dual core 1GHz processor xoom is already one of the most powerful Tablet ou there. But, what if you run it at 1.5GHZ speed. You can easily do it once you Rooted your Xoom. Simply download and install SetCPU for Root Users from Android Market which will cost you $1.99. Running at 1.5GHZ sped in Overclocked mode Motorola Xoom goes a Quadrant score of 3200 from 2000 on stock.
Motorola Xoom 1.5GHz speed overclocked and 3200 Quadrant score

Motorola Xoom 3200 Quadrant score at 1.5GHz speed

In another post Cory Gunther also shows Motorola Xoom overclocked to 1.5 Ghz with benchmark results. Details guide and instructions, and discuss on this matter can be found in original forum thread over Xda. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself updated on latest Motorola Xoom Development.