MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G. Smartphone? Laptop? Desktop? Entertainment Centre? Or all the above?

MOTOROLA ATRIX 4G Docking Station

Motorola Atrix will be one of the top Android Smartphone for 2011. No doubt a Tegra 2 dual core processor by Nvidia and 1gb RAM for Multi-Tasking on 4” inch qHD for first time is enough to please with a Smartphone. Look at the image above where Motorola Atrix sitting on a Docking Station which transform it easily into a laptop, desktop computer, personal navigation device, gaming console, and set-top box from a Phone. Motorola publish another Video preview of Atrix 4G on YouTube which teases with top reasons to get a Motorola Atrix 4G. Watch the video below to make your decision. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter for more info about Motorola Atrix 4G.